The Auto start function


The auto start function is a particular function which activates a selectable function which is automatically executed when the power supply is switched ON or after a send from PC to central unit.


The parameters for the Auto start function are set in the PROSOFT 'option' menu. Under the tab page 'Option', you will find following parameters in the 'Service field:

Auto start Function
Select here the function which has to be started up automatically when the tension is again put on your TELETASK central unit. Following functions can be selected: 'None', 'Switch', 'Local Mood', 'Timed Local Mood', 'General Mood' and 'Process Function'. Depending on the selected function some function specific parameters have to be put in. Consult for this matter the description of the specific function.
There is only one auto start function present in PROSOFT. Several functions can be started up automatically through a 'Local Mood', a 'Timed Local Mood or a 'General Mood'.


When the power of the central unit is restored after a power failure, the function which was defined in the auto start function will automatically be executed. Also after sending an .nbt file to the central unit, the 'auto-start-function' will be executed.

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