Implementing NuVo with Audio IP License (TDS15240)

These steps describe how to integrate the NuVo Wireless Audio system (e.g.: P3500) with your TELETASK installation by using the IP integration possibility with the Audio IP License TDS15240.

Necessary items:

  • TELETASK Central Unit (connected to a LAN)
  • NuVo System connected to the same LAN as the Central unit.
  • License for A/V control over IP (TDS15240)
  • A PC/Notebook running PROSOFT or higher and physically connected with the same network as the Central Unit and NuVo equipment.
Using VPN or port-forwarding will not work!!!
REMARK: The sources on the Nuvo devices must be configured correctly in order to work with the TELETASK system. To use ‘Tune-In’ as a source you must add Stations to the ‘My Favorites’ in the Nuvo App. To use ‘Deezer’ as a source, you must add ‘Playlists’ to your Deezer account. To use ‘Library’ as a source, you must have ‘Imported Playlists’. The Nuvo players will import ‘Windows Media player’ or ‘iTunes’ playlists from your library. If the ‘Imported playlists’ item in the ‘Library’ is empty, create a playlist, using iTunes or Windows Media player, and copy that playlist to your network or USB disk drive. That serves as a library source to the Nuvo system.


Make sure that all components described above are up and running. Follow the ‘NuVo getting started procedure’ from their app. After these steps, the different NuVo audio zones are defined and have been given names. Please check that these are controllable from the NuVo app.

  • Start PROSOFT or higher and open the .nbt file of the project.
  • Import the license activation file that you downloaded from the TELETASK website with the license code and the serial number of the Central Unit to which the NuVo will be connected.
  • Go to inputs and choose new.
  • Select TDS15240: A/V IP License
  • Choose “Edit interface in AV-Soft”
  • Click on the “Add Device” in the IP connection area.
  • Select the correct NuVo device that will be integrated.

PROSOFT will now search for the connected NuVo devices. You’ll receive a list of available NuVo Devices (List of IP addresses).

  • Open the NuVo app and go to settings > general > about
  • You’ll find the same list of available devices.
  • Select one of the interfaces in the PROSOFT list. A NuVo device will be created in the interface list and it will open in A/V-SOFT.
  • Give this interface the same name as in the NuVo app.
  • Do this two times: the Interface Name at the top of the window and the Zone Name in the list of “OUTPUTS (AV-ZONES)”
  • If you defined favourites in “TuneIn” or Playlists in “Deezer” or in the NuVo Library, you can fill in their names under the “Details” button of the matching sources.
  • If a “LINE IN” is defined on the NuVo zone that you will not control with the TELETASK installation, you can add this as an “uncontrolled source” (e.g. MP3 players,…).
  • If another “controllable” source is defined in AV-SOFT you can select this one as well on the “LINE IN” input.
  • If desired you can disable the control of certain sources at this TELETASK Audio Zone by enabling them.
  • Click OK and you can now use the standard audio functionalities within PROSOFT to control the NuVo system.
If you have more than one NuVo Zone (e.g.: P3500 has 3 Zones) you have to repeat the same steps and create new interfaces from the input list for each available NuVo Zone (e.g.: for the P3500 add 3 Audio IP interfaces).
Don’t forget to link the “Audio Zones” to the “Rooms” in PROSOFT. Go to rooms, select the desired room and select the corresponding Audio Zone. This will enable the audio control on the TELETASK touchscreens and GUI’s.
REMARK: If you want to control the Nuvo system from an AURUS-OLED (PLUS), do not forget to ‘couple’ the ‘PREVIOUS’ and ‘NEXT’ buttons on the ‘Audio page’ of the AURUS-OLED (PLUS) (see the chapter on AURUS-OLED (PLUS) for more information).

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