Use of passwords and codes

User code

On certain graphical interfaces (like on the OPUS, ATMOS, iSGUI and AURUS-TFT) it is possible to protect specific items with a code. For the ATMOS and iSGUI it’s also possible to have a user code protection during startup (see ATMOS/iSGUI properties in GUISOFT).

This code can only be changed inside PROSOFT and is the same for all devices/apps …

The user code is default 12345 and can only contain numbers (4 to 10 digits).


  • For configuration go to: Extra > Define Users

PROSOFT password

The DoIP central as well as the .NBT file, can be protected with a password if desired. By doing this you can prevent unauthorised access.

The password will be asked every single time you open a protected .NBT file or connect with a protected DoIP central.
After the password has been set, it can only be changed or removed from inside PROSOFT after giving the current password.

The password is alphanumeric (like a typical PC password).


  • For configuration go to: Extra > Options > System setup

Check “Protect NBT file and central unit with password” if you wish to prevent unauthorized access to the .NBT file. When the .NBT file is password protected, it will be:
  • impossible to open the NBT file without the correct password
  • impossible to make a connection with the password protected central unit without the correct password. This means that sending a new file, receiving the existing file or using Diagnostics, will be impossible.
Every time you change these settings, you will be asked to save the .NBT file.
If you send a password protected .NBT file to a non-password protected central unit, or if you send a non-password protected .NBT file to a password protected central unit, both will get password protected.
If the password of the .NBT file gets lost, the only solution will be to reset the central unit back to factory settings and start a new .NBT file. See also the remark below.
IMPORTANT REMARK: By default the “Remove password on ‘Back to factory settings’ ” is enabled. If you wish to keep the password when the central unit is reset by pressing the SW1 and SW2 button, uncheck this mark. Be aware that if you forget the password, you will not be able to create a new .NBT file. It can only be reset by sending the central unit to TELETASK for repair!

Technical code

The technical code will give you access to certain configurations like AUTOBUS address, IP address, … on some interfaces like the AURUS-TFT, etc. …

Ex.: with interfaces without rotary switches, you have to set the AUTOBUS address in the configuration screen after giving the correct technical code.
This is always 09876 and it is impossible to change.

Switch Language

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