Personalised graphical control

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

GUI is the TELETASK Graphical User Interface, running on a target device to control your domotic system. The software can run on most PC devices: a desktop computer (GUI+/ATMOS), a tablet PC build in the wall (GUI+/ATMOS) but also on a Smartphone or tablet (ATMOS),…
TheGUI+ software allows you to control your entire TELETASK system in an intuitive way based on the floor plans of your home or office. Each floor plan represents a part of your house. This part can be a room, an entire floor, the entire house, or any other part.
With the GUI+ you can control all TELETASK domotic functions of your home and you have the possibility to include IP-Camera's, dynamic HTML pages. The different functions are divided in eight categories: 'Lights', 'Devices', 'Moods', 'Motors', 'Sensor', 'Audio', 'URL or IP Camera' and 'All'.
The ATMOS has the same functionalities as the GUI+ but offers you the possibility to create automatically a complete and personal application for the smartphone, tablet or PC. The ATMOS can integrate IP Camera's.

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