TDS10119V2 and Camera server


Tested Units

  • TDS10119V2 + ABB kit

We received an ABB kit and it had also a 'kamera interface' 83327 and a 'Telefon Gateway' 83350 connect to an AXIS video server M7011

Both TDS10119V2 and AXIS server we're connected to the local test network of TELETASK. The OPUS was connected to the same corporate network.

OPUS Audio Configuration

  • SIP Speaker scaling 20
  • SIP Microphone scaling 21
  • Voice 80%

SIP Setup

We used the SIP server from our corporate network.


You had to change in the Voice - Regional settings of the TDS10119V2 two items:

  • Busy Tone: 425@-19;10(.5/5/1)
  • Reorder Tone: 425@-19;10(.5/5/1)


The sound is OK.


DTMF was found working to open the door (3#)
OPUS does not support DTMF to start the call, so we configured the ABB unit function 'Direct answer' (7321#)


Video dependent from the video server, here we used AXIS

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