Add Proximity readers

Proximity readers can be added in PROSOFT like any other ‘input interface: ‘Edit’, ‘Inputs’, ‘New’, select ‘TDS12142: Proximity reader’.
Beside of the standard items like ‘Name’ and ‘Address’ the proximity reader only has a limited number of parameters:

Enable PORTA for this reader
This option is enabled by default. Use this option to disable PORTA for this reader. If PORTA is disabled for a reader, no access attempts on that reader will be stored in the memory, nor they will be shown in PORTA, nor will they appear in the E-mail reports.
REMARK: Access attempts, and their results on a reader, will always (independent of this setting) be logged in the normal ‘log’ system (if it is enabled) and diagnostics/monitor.
REMARK: When more than 1000 accesses are stored in memory the oldest will be automatically removed. So you need to connect with the Porta app at least every 1000 accesses, to prevent missing accesses in the app.

this is intended for the door lock opening function, usually a timed function or timed local mood.
Remark: It is not advised to add a conditional function (like if-then-else) to grant/deny access here, conditions will be added later on.
Remark: In some exceptional cases the function field needs to remain empty. E.g. if two doors are operated by the same reader, and the door that needs to be opened is defined by the user.

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