Can you use one AUTOBUS power supply for AUTOBUS 1 AND 2 in a NANOS installation

Yes you can use one power supply and put it in parallel from the left side to the right side to the second power supply input.
The disadvantage is that your total power will be limited to that one power supply. In small installations with NANOS that can be fine, but in average and large installations (for example if you have more than 20 interfaces) it is recommended to use two power supplies (one for each input).
You have two advantages:
- AUTOBUS 1 and 2 become galvanically isolated from each other (when over Voltage occurs on one bus, it may not destroy the interfaces on the other AUTOBUS)
- You can connect more interfaces (2 x 31) because you have more power supply available from 2 power supplies instead of one (but also double price) but a power supply has very low price)

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