Configuration of Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Short Overview

  1. Connect your TDS system to the TTcloud
  2. Configure in PROSOFT/VOICESOFT all voice commands and transmit to your central unit.
  3. Buy the VOICE CONTOL subscription on TTecomm
  4. Install the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone, connect it to your Amazon Echo device and test
  5. (first time only) Add the TELETASK skill and link with your TTcloud account
  6. (not at first time install) Add ‘other’ devices to your Alexa app. (You can skip the grouping feature)
Your TDS voice control will be working now.

Detailed overview

1.1. Connect your TDS system to the TTcloud

  • Your TDS installation needs to be connected to the TTcloud cloud service. This connection is free of charge and needs to be done by the system integrator (see TTcloud movie for professionals in the professional part of our website www.teletask.be).

1.2. Configure in PROSOFT/VOICESOFT all voice commands and transmit to your central unit.

Now you can do the configuration of voice control in PROSOFT (or higher). You’re your .nbt (local or remote) and select “VOICESOFT”.

  • Select the different functions in the rooms and give them a unique, to be recognised, text. This text will then be used to control the device(s) or mood under control.
  • After clicking all desired actions and giving them a unique name, save and transmit this new. nbt file to your central unit (in the PROSOFT menu ' communication ' – ' Transmit ').
  • The concerned TELETASK central unit will automatically upload all text items to TTcloud where they can be connected with the Amazon Alexa servers.

RECOMMENDATION: if you have no voice control experience yet, start with a few main lights in a few rooms and test this first. Later you can always add/delete voice commands any time you like.

RECOMMENDATION: In order to be able to easily pass on to all residents which voice control can be done, there is an 'export to clipboard' button at the top of PROSOFT/VOICESOFT. You can easily place the voice functions (with Ctrl-V) in a word processor or in your calendar and print them on paper. Such document is very useful in the learning phase and also after every adjustment you make.

1.3. Buy the VOICE CONTOL subscription on TTecomm

Now you (the System Integrator) can buy (and automatically activate for your specific installation) the VOICE CONTROL subscription (a yearly fee applies) on the TTecomm platform (you can start from www.teletask.be and select TTecomm).

1.4. Install the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone, connect it to your Amazon Echo device and test

  • The next step is installing the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone (from Android store or Apple App store). Connect your Echo device in the app and test it. The device should for example give you an answer when you ask “Alexa what is the current time?”. If not, don’t proceed with the TELETASK setup before this issue is solved.

  • Now add the TELETASK skill and link with your TTcloud account:
    • Go open the Alexa app on your mobile device and select “Skills & Games”
    • Search (upper right corner) for ‘TELETASK’
    • Click the TELETASK image (Enable skill)
    • Click the large blue bar ‘enable to use’
    • Now you have the screen ‘please sign in’. Sign in with your TTcloud account
    • The Alexa app should now confirm ‘successfully linked’; close this Alexa app window
  • Now you can connect the TELETASK items by discovering them in the Alexa app. In the upper-left corner you find the menu button, click it and select ‘Ad device’ + then ‘Other’ and ‘DISCOVER DEVICES’.
  • Now your app will add the TELETASK voice control functions

You can test and the commands will be recognised by your Echo device from now on.

You can make groups if your prefer, but you don’t need to do so. Groups have the advantage that they may give you a better overview of the functions in your Alexa app (on your smart phone) but you basically don’t need this.

Making changes in VOICESOFT

What if you have Alexa already working and you have made changes in PROSOFT (for example you added an extra voice controlled item).

  • If you have deleted voice command(s), do a ‘forget’ devices’ like described below in the Suggestions.
  • To add extra devices, ‘discover’ again (see below; can done from your PC or mobile device).

If you have been experimenting with Alexa and TELETASK already, we recommend to clear your Alexa devices so you can start with a clean sheet. Or for example after your first exercise and you want to start all over again.
How can your Amazon Alexa configuration in the Alexa app:

  • From a PC (doesn’t work from a mobile device like your Smart phone or tablet), browse to alexa.amazon.com
  • Go to the ‘smart home’ menu (on the left of your screen in the version of November 2019)
  • Devices
  • ‘Forget all’

Now the already connected devices and scenes are deleted and you can start the Alexa configuration from scratch.

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