Audio-IP software licence

To integrate an IP based audio system, you have to do two major steps below:

  1. Activate your software IP-license (on the www.teletask.be website)
  2. Configure your audio system in AVSOFT (in PROSOFT)

Activate your license

When you buy a license, you will receive a 'license code'. With this license code and the serial number of your central unit, you can activate the audio-IP licence.

How to activate a license:

  • Go to www.teletask.be
  • Choose Professional from the top menu
  • In the License activation section, click on License activation (TELETASK Cloud)
  • Sign in to your TELETASK Cloud account if you have one already. If not, click on Create an account and follow the registration procedure.
  • After logging in, you should be forwarded to the Activate License page. If not, click here
  • Complete the form and click Download activation file
  • Wait a few seconds for your activation file to be downloaded (it will also be emailed to you)
  • Start PROSOFT and open the correct .NBT project file.
  • Import the activation file: choose Extra > Licenses
  • Save the .NBT file and transmit it to the central unit

Configure your audio system

If you need more information on how to configure the integration of some specific audio brands/systems, please click Configuring Audio Systems With the Audio IP License TDS15240 .

NUVO integration

SONOS integration

HEOS integration

BOSE integration

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