The rooms

Every home is divided in several rooms: the kitchen, living room, the office room, the bathroom(s), the different sleeping rooms, the garden, etc... Because this is a clear and logical approach for every home, PROSOFT also approaches your home by using the different rooms.

The defined rooms are also very important for the automatic generation program of some of the menu operated TELETASK user interfaces (mobile phone iSGUI interface). It is very important to insert the rooms correctly!

Overview of the rooms

List of rooms


In the list of rooms you have an overview of all available rooms. Every room is substituted of the following information:

  • Code: Every room automatically gets a code which is used by the system. This code is not changeable and is made out of:
  • RM: this is the abbreviation of 'Room'
  • Number: every room gets a number for internal system use. It starts with 01 and is incremented (+1) every time you enter an additional room.
  • Name: contains the room name as entered in PROSOFT by the user.

When you want to change an existing room name, select the room in the list of rooms. It will turn blue. Then double click on it or click the 'edit' button. Now you are able to change the different parameters.

Possible actions in the list of rooms menu

  • New: Click the 'New' button to add a room.
  • Edit: Click the 'Edit' button to edit the parameters of a room
  • Delete: Click the 'Delete' button to delete a room from the list of rooms.

In practice

  • Click 'Edit' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
  • Click 'Rooms'.
  • The 'list of rooms' window appears on the screen

Adding rooms to the list of rooms

The different parameters for every room


Enter the name of the room (short and easy to understand and to locate).
Audio Zone
If you have an audio system integrated with your TELETASK system, you will have to connect the room to a specific audio zone (amplifier).
You will have to select this audio zone later, after the audio interface and the audio zones on this interface have been defined. Please refer for more information in the 'Audio Interfaces' chapter, but we recommend not doing this right now.
Sensor Zone
If you are using TELETASK temperature sensors for heating and/or cooling control (recommended), select the applying sensor zones with which the room is to be related.
The sensor zones are entered when the sensors are entered in PROSOFT. So please also come back here later, as soon as the sensors for your project are entered. For more information refer to the 'Analogue Input Interfaces' chapter.

In practice

  • Click 'Edit' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
  • Click 'Rooms'.
  • The 'List of Rooms' window appears on the screen. In this screen the standard rooms are reproduced.
  • Click the 'NEW' button to add a room to your project.
  • The 'Define Room' window appears on your screen. Set up the different parameters for this room.
  • Click 'OK: now a room is added to your TELETASK domotics project. The window 'Define Room' will disappear.

In the 'List of Rooms' which is visible again, the added room is displayed.

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