TDS13642 and TDS13644: Universal power FET Dimmer


The TDS13642 (2 channel) and TDS13644 (4 channel) are universal power FET dimmers for 230V/50Hz dimming of traditional-, LED- and other dimmable lights. The dimmers can also control lights and LED’s which are connected via traditional and electronic transformers. Therefore, the dimmers can be configured to work in Leading or Trailing edge mode.

Configuring a power FET dimmer interface

To add a TDS13642 or TDS13644 power FET interface to your TELETASK system, follow these steps:

  • In PROSOFT Suite, go to the menu "Edit", "Outputs"
  • Choose "New"
  • Select "TDS13642 or TDS13644" from the list of interfaces
  • Enter a name for the dimmer interface
  • Select the AUTOBUS
  • Enter the AUTOBUS address for the interface
  • Enter a name for each dimmer output(channel) that will be used

The different available parameters


Room selection. For more info, go to page The rooms.
Visualization category of the output.
Name of the output.
Lamp type
preset for the options Leading/Trailing edge, curve type, minimum DIM level.
Leading/Trailing edge
defines the phase cutting.

Leading Trailing Edge V01

  • Leading edge: the cutting of the phase will occure at the begining of each phase.
  • Trailing edge: the cutting of the phase will occure at the end of each phase.
This option can only be set manually when the lamp type has been set to "Others".
Curve type
The curve at which the dimming will occur.
  • Linear: The voltage will increase linear for each dimming step.
  • Fast: The voltage will increase at a faster rate then the other curves at the beginning of the dimming curve.
  • Medium: The voltage will increase at a medium rate at the beginning of the dimming curve.
  • Slow: The voltage will increase very slow at the beginning of the dimming curve.
Minimum DIM level
Specifies the initial start dim percentage. the minimum dim level will recalculate the actual dimmer values (percentage range beween 0 and 40).

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