Tested Outdoor Unit

  • SIPSKYLINE (FERMAX confirmed that SIPMARINE panels are internally identical to SIPSKYLINE)

Only the outdoor unit was used in the test

SETUP: SKYLINE 3V S4 was connected to the local test network via a POE switch that was grounded (connected to earth wire). The OPUS device was also connected to the same network in a different room.

OPUS Audio Configuration

  • SIP Speaker scaling 8
  • SIP Microphone scaling 20
  • Voice 80%

SIP Setup

Fermax unit doesn't have an internal SIP server. We have tested with our SIP server (UNIFY Openscape business ) as the external SIP server.
We also tested early media with a YeaStar SIP server but early media didn't work. Early media works with direct SIP.



The sound is OK


DTMF was found working to open the door.


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