Configuring a NUVO installation with three RS interfaces

We also want to give you an example of an installation with three RS232 interfaces without the use of IR-flashers. In this example we will use NUVO devices.

Phase 1: Define the desired audio/video configuration:

The schematic structure of the audio configuration.
In this example the configuration drawing leads to the next set of audio components:

  • NUVO Concerto with built-in tuner. Has 8 zones
  • NUVO 3M with built-in tuner which has 3 sources
  • NUVO T2-FAM having 2 tuners.
  • All the above NUVO devices will need a RS232 UNIVERSAL AV INTERFACE so you can control them with your domotics installation.

Phase 2: Assigning the RS232 Port (s).

With only the audio configuration, the audio system is not yet integrated. Therefore a connection must be made with the TELETASK home automation system by interfacing the audio components with the TELETASK RS232 universal AV interfaces. For each NUVO device you will need a RS232 interface.
With the assigning of the RS232 Port and assigning names to the sources, the schematic drawing is now finalized. In the next phase, this schematic is used to integrate the whole installation into the TELETASK 'AV-SOFT' software.

Phase 3: Configuring the RS232 universal AV interface.

After the two first phases, now is the time to program the RS232 universal AV interface by means of AV-SOFT. With the carefully prepared configuration drawing at hand, it should be easy to walk through this third phase. Because the devices from our example (the NUVO devices) are already in the TELETASK library we can continue directly with the configuration.
The configuring phase is divided in the following steps:

Entering the audio configuration in AV-SOFT (from PROSOFT V3.2).

  • Start PROSOFT and go to 'Inputs & Others.
  • You are in the 'List of interfaces', choose ADD, Audio Interface.
  • A new window: 'Define interface function' appears. Here you can give the device a personalised name (which will appear similar in the 'List of interfaces').
  • We do this 3 times and give our devices the following names:
    • RS232 NUVO 3M
    • RS232 NUVO T2FAM
    • Then you give it the correct address, choose RS232 universal audio interface and then click on 'Edit interface in AV-SOFT'.

Dedicating Sources:


  • Click on the button ADD DEVICE of the RS232 port
  • There will be a pop-up screen, named: 'Select audio device'. In this case we first select the NUVO NV-T2 FAM to connect with the RS232 universal AV interface. Click OK
  • Now you can give the different sources a name: TUNER 1 and TUNER 2
  • Then you repeat this above procedure for the NUVO NV-3M.
  • Don't forget to save your work!

Dedicating zones:

Repeat the above procedure also for the NUVO CONCERTO NV-18GM.

  • In this window you will be able to dedicate the wanted sources in the specific rooms/zones.

Finally you will have to follow the steps as written down in:

  • Phase 4: configuring the audio buttons of the domotics installation.

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