Adding TELETASK 'I' interfaces

When you start a new TELETASK project you have selected the central unit type (MICROS+, NANOS or PICOS). By doing this, PROSOFT automatically generates all standard available (internal) digital and analogue inputs (and outputs) of the central unit.
PROSOFT also adds an input unit called 'Master' functions. These are the Master functions which can be allocated for extra eight functions on the TELETASK remote control.
When you need additional inputs (like in most of the cases) than the ones standard available at a central unit, you will have to add extra input interfaces.
When adding interfaces, there are four different parameters to be set:

Parameters for adding new 'I' interfaces:

Choose the (functional) group to which the new 'I' interface belongs: 'General Interface', 'Digital Input Interface', 'Sensor or Heat/Cool interface' or

'AV - Interface' (see 'I' interfaces: Inputs and others).

Be sure to choose the correct group, because it is not possible to change an interface from one group into an interface of another group any more. In such case, you will have to delete the wrong interface first and then add the correct one.
Interface type
select the interface you want to be added. The interfaces are shown in the list sorted by their individual TDS reference.
The address can be changed by the user at any time if you want. PROSOFT takes care of impossible or not allowed address settings. So if you change the address to a not allowed address, PROSOFT will not allow you to do any changes on the address setting.
enter here a description of the location where the interface is installed together with the inputs numbers which are already entered by PROSOFT (if it is a contact input interface).

After all 'I' interfaces are added to your project, the different settable parameters of each of them are to be configured. The parameters are different for the four groups of 'I' interfaces:

In practice:


  • Click on the ‘Inputs Icon’.
  • The 'List Interfaces' window appears on the screen. The standard 'I' interfaces are displayed here.
  • Click the 'New' button to add a new 'I' interface to your project.
  • Click the desired interface in the ‘Select interface’ list and click OK..
  • The 'Define Interface Function' window appears on the screen. Configure the parameters of the concerning interface (see below for more details).
  • Click 'OK: the 'I' interface is added to your TELETASK project and the window 'Define Interface Function' is closed.
  • The new interface is added in the 'Interfaces list' window.
  • Repeat this way of working for all TELETASK 'I' interfaces which you want to add in your project.

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