Collecting the project information

Before starting up a new project, it is recommended to have all technical details of the TELETASK hardware components which are needed in the project. This information is to be given by the system integrator. The information is necessary to be able to use PROSOFT in a simple and straightforward way. The information will also result in a correct documentation print-out of the full custom project. Below you can find an overview of the information you need before you can proceed with the next step.

The TELETASK central unit

You will have to define which central unit is going to be used in the project. As this is one of the first items which is decided, you should easily find out which central unit is used for the project. Please refer to the data sheets of the available central units.

The list of rooms

The 'list of rooms' contains an overview of all rooms in your project. Not only indoor rooms, but also outdoor areas will be needed to be divided into 'rooms'. Rooms are best to be obtained from the architectural drawings. The room names you use are important because the people living in the house need to be able to understand them. A simple' bedroom' name will not be sufficient as name if there are more bedrooms in the house. We recommend giving a more detailed name. You can add the name of the person that will live in the bedroom to the word 'bedroom'. For example 'bedroom parents' or 'bedroom Maria' is better than 'bedroom 2'. Using familiar names is better for a good communication with the occupants. It will save you time and it increases the quality of the solution you are offering with TELETASK.

PROSOFT makes no distinction between indoor and outdoor rooms.

The list of outputs

The 'list of outputs' gives an overview of all TELETASK output interfaces (for example relay interfaces), with an overview of which output interface and contact is connected to which load. This list is based on the electrical board information and is obtained from the electrical contractor. This list may be, depending on the project, several pages long and is absolutely needed before you can proceed. Please be sure that you have all information as listed below.

Type of output
depending on the connected load and the desired control:
used to switch on/off (for example a switchable light)
used to dim (for example a dimmable light)
used to control AC or DC motors (for example: opening/closing a curtain of shutter).
Fan interfaces
used to control fan (for example a ceiling fan or fan coil unit)
Type of output interface
the specific type of interface (for example: ?TDS13510? for a ?Relay output?)
Output number
for example Relay output nr. 1, or Dimmer nr. 10

Extra Information:

This is the room where the connected load is installed (for example 'living room'; to be chosen out of the 'rooms' list).
describes which kind of load is connected: here you have the choice out of a list: light, device (wall socket or other ON/OFF loads), motor or mood.
gives a more precise load description (for example work top, washing table; reading light?)

More information about these items can be found in heading 'O-interfaces: outputs'.

The list of inputs

The list of inputs contains all TELETASK input interfaces and the names (with location indication) of the connected inputs such as window contacts, sensors, pushbuttons etc? Having this full list (from the electrical contractor) is necessary before you can proceed. The following information has to be available:

Type of input
depending on kinds of signal, this input must be connected to a certain type of input of the TELETASK system (only one of the different types below can apply):
General type of input
external (not in the MICROS+/PICOS central unit housing) interface like for example a touch panel AURUS ref. TDS12021xx.
Digital type of input
this is an input for all kind of voltage free contacts. For example coming from a standard momentary push button, a window contact, a motion detector contact or similar.
Analogue type of input
this is an input for an analogue signal for example a signal received from a TELETASK temperature sensor.
AV type
for the integration of external AV systems
Type of input interface used
this is the TELETASK interface type to which the concerning input signal is to be connected. For example TDS12135 (COOKIE digital input interface with LED feedback and PT100 input),
Input number
for example digital input- or button number 1
Extra information
custom note; for example 'push button in the kitchen next to the stove'.

Information about the electrical contractor or system integrator.

To complete the report print-out, you need the name and the address of the electrical installer or system integrator.
Add this information in PROSOFT menu 'Extra' - 'Options' - 'System Setup'

Information about the owner of the house

A project is always related to a house or building. You need the fill in the name and address of the owners in the dedicated area in PROSOFT.

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