The TTecomm platform

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Important before you start

A. The concerned installation needs to run on PROSOFT 3.7.3.x or higher. If not, please upgrade first (download from teletask.be – log-in as professional- go to professional downloads – PROSOFT and download the latest version).
Then open your .nbt file and transmit to the central unit, which will automatically upgrade. The upgrade and restart process may take up to 15 minutes in total.
B. You can only buy subscriptions for TTcloud connected installations. If this is not yet the case for your installation, do so before proceeding. You can watch the movie on how to connect an installation to TTcloud in TTschool. There is also a movie for end users explaining how to make an account needed for iSGUI 4G/5G connection).

History of TTecomm

TTecomm has been officially introduced in September 2019 as ‘coming soon’. January 2020 the platform is fully operational and all planned features are available for international use.

Introduction of TTecomm

First, we explain the basics behind TTecomm and later in this document we provide a number of “good to knows”. Then you will also find a full step-by-step flow on how you can make your account and use TTecomm.

The TTecomm platform has two applications:
1. To obtain software subscriptions for TSF services (to activate specific software services).
One service is the “Remote Services”. If you have this subscription made available on your TDS installation, PROSOFT can make a secured remote connection from your PC via the internet to the TDS installation. Wherever these two are located on the globe.
2. To obtain and manage repair services (can be both within- or out of warranty period) for defect TDS hardware.

TTecomm and Subscriptions

TTecomm (2)

In this chapter you can find a detailed description of the TTecomm platform and of how to obtain subscriptions via this platform. If you need detailed information about the subscriptions services themselves, please read the TSF SERVICES chapter.

The TTecomm Subscriptions menu is part of an on-line e-commerce platform where System Integrators (TDS specialists) can buy subscriptions for three TELETASK services which can be activated on a TELETASK installation:

  • The ATMOS Smart Home app by TELETASK allows users to remotely manage one or more installations

  • Remote Services is a secured remote PROSOFT connection and secure e-mails (secure e-mails can be sent by a DoIP central unit). The subscription is needed to make improvements and troubleshoot the client's installation remotely.

  • Voice Control (for the voice assistants Amazon Echo and Google Home)

Therefore, TELETASK introduced new order references which are no longer ‘TDS’ but ‘TSF’ with 5 numbers.
TSF16100 is the order ref. for the Remote Services subscription.
TSF16101 is the order ref. for ATMOS one year subscription (3, 5 and 10 years also possible)
TSF12125 is the order ref. for the Voice Control subscription

Every subscription is connected to one specific TELETASK “installation”. An “installation” is every central unit or number of centrals units that are running on a single .nbt file.

Example 1: A house has a DoIP central unit and one .nbt. There is no doubt. The subscription is dedicated to the concerned central unit.
Example 2: A house is running on two DoIP central units which are configured in one .nbt file. So in this case with only one subscription, the specific ordered subscription will run on the whole installation. If you want both Remote Services and Voice Control services, it’s sufficient to buy one RS and one VC subscription for this house.
Example 3: A house had two floors and each floor has its own DoIP central unit which each have a separated .nbt configuration file. In such case, the system integrator needs to buy two RS subscriptions and two VC subscriptions.

Example 4: The customer does not want to use RS or VC services. Everything remains as before and no subscriptions are to be bought.

A subscription gives the right to use the specific service for one year (or more in case of ATMOS).
Once a subscription is bought in TTecomm, the service is immediately available. No activations need to be done, although for example for the Voice Control, the evolved functionalities have to be configured in PROSOFT and also in the voice assistant app (Alexa or Google Home).

For Remote Services, after buying the subscription, nothing else has to be done. The TELETASK TTecomm platform activates the service flag + Expiry date in the TTcloud and your PROSOFT will check if the service is available at every opening of a remote .nbt.

The ATMOS app needs to be downloaded, installed and connection with the Cloud account. You'll need to add users and activate the app in GUISOFT (PROSOFT) and transmit the file to the central unit first.

After one year the subscription is renewed automatically if the credit card in the account of the buyer is valid and the subscription is not de-activated in TTcloud. De-activating a subscription means that the auto renewal of the subscription fee is stopped; The service itself keeps running until its expiry date (one year after buying it), even if the renewal is de-activated.

Remark: Once a subscription is bought in TTecomm, the service is immediately available and can’t be stopped before the expiry date. So the purchase amount or part of it can’t be refunded, even if the customer/user wants to dispense with the service early. The purchase price is therefore not divisible to a smaller part. Given the low cost of a subscription against the administrative costs for an exception, this policy is also the lowest cost approach for everyone. Even if, for example, the customer/user wants to use 'Remote Services' only once.

Can I purchase a subscription by sending a regular order sheet to my TELETASK supplier?

In order to keep the subscription fees as low as possible, it is not possible to order a subscription at your TELETASK national distributor or at TELETASK Belgium. Subscriptions can only be ordered via the TTecomm platform by the System Integrator or owner.

The use of TTecomm

Before you can enter the e-commerce (sales) TTecomm platform, the System Integrator needs to have a professional TELETASK account (the one which you may have already) but because TTecomm will need your invoice data and credit card data, when entering TTecomm, you will be asked to enter your full company information and enter a credit card.

Once you have ordered at least one subscription, you can see and manage the subscription in the TTcloud after opening the specific installation. If you have many installations, you will see all cloud connected installations as usual, but now also the subscriptions, if these are active (or inactive) and if the renewal feature is on or off (stated ‘not activated yet’ or ‘renews at dd/mm/yyyy’).

TTecomm step-by-step

The different steps to buy a subscription in TTecomm:

1. Go to the TELETASK site:
Browse to www.teletask.be and press in the upper- right menu the ‘TTecomm’ button.

TTecomm (3)

Add your login or click ‘Create an account’

TTecomm (4)

Existing professional user (System Integrator) or owner:
TTecomm (5)
If you already have a professional (TTcloud) account, TTecomm may ask you at the first login to complete your account information with the necessary invoice and credit card information.
Since 2023: Also, the existing user who is set as 'owner' of the installation can login in TTecomm with his e-mail address used for the TELETASK Cloud account and manage subscriptions without a System Integrator.

New professional user (System Integrator) or owner:
Browse to www.teletask.be, select ‘professional’ and make a new account. You will be asked to complete with Company name, full address, VAT number if in Europe, GST nr if in India, (no ID number is needed for other countries) for invoice purposes.
Since 2023: Also, the new user who is set as 'owner' of the installation can login in TTecomm with his e-mail address used for the TELETASK Cloud account and manage subscriptions without a System Integrator.

Below we give an example of S.I. managing the subscriptions but note that also the 'owner' can do that as well.

TTecomm is a sales platform, so before you can enter TTecomm we like to check your work, country and the validity of your credit card. A validity test will be done immediately, taking 0.01 Euro from your account.
Once your account is completed or updated, you can login to the TTecomm platform.

In the next screen you can select the installation for which you want to buy license(s). Don’t forget to confirm before you leave the screen. You may also buy subscriptions for other installations now and finalise all of them together.

Remark: TTecomm takes information from TELETASK Cloud. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consistently use your professional e-mail address. The same e-mail address that you used for your professional Cloud account and the same e-mail that you enter for the role 'System Integrator' in PROSOFT (Extra-> Users & Settings).

Once the subscriptions are obtained and paid you can see in the installation screen that the subscription(s) is/are active and can be used.

For a subscription like REMOTE SERVICES you don’t need to do anything more. You can immediately connect with the remote installation in PROSOFT. On the other hand, for Voice Control, a setup procedure is available in the TELETASK technical handbook for both Amazon Echo and Google Home voice assistants.
Also, the ATMOS subscription is similar to other subscriptions and is in detail described in a separate chapter.
See more details on working with REMOTE SERVICES in PROSOFT in the REMOTE SERVICES chapter below in the document

Forgot your login password for TTecomm

If you forgot your login, you can obtain an new one by clicking the ‘forgot password’ link on the TTecomm login page.

The Auto renewal process in detail

TTecomm (7)
About two months before the end date of a running subscription, the owner (System Integrator’s e-mail address which is used in the account with the used credit card in this case) will be informed about the expiry date of the subscription. If he agrees to keep the subscription running and agrees that the next subscription fee can be taken from this credit card, nothing has to be done.

About one month before the expiry date of a subscription, the TTecomm will automatically take the subscription fee from the connected credit card. It is done earlier than you would expect, but this is to avoid service interruptions if the credit card would not be valid anymore and communication would have to start with the SI concerning this. In such case, the SI has one more month to add a new credit card in his account. It is not exceptional that a credit card is not valid anymore after some years, so should TELETASK wait until the last day or week, all subscriptions of the installations of this SI would stop working.
Remark: Some subscriptions are very important and may be security sensitive. TELETASK takes no responsibility for any failing service, but in this case we want to avoid any risk for as far as possible.

Invoicing of TSF service subscriptions

At any (automatic) payment taken from the credit card of the System Integrator or owner, TTecomm immediately activates the service and sends an invoice to the given e-mail address within one hour. So it’s important that the SI/owner changes his e-mail address in his account if necessary.
The SI/owner can also login to TTecomm and download his invoice.


The SI can now invoice this service to the customer (end-user) at the cost level + what his charge is for this service in any formula he prefers. It can be a yearly fee for this service (fast and convenient for the SI and end-user) or he can make it part of an extended service contract in which he offers more services. It means that from TELETASK’s side there is no suggested retail price given.

As far as the renewal is concerned, TELETASK gives you one month before the renewal fee is taken from your credit card, to discuss this with your customer. If he/she does not want to renew the service, you can deactivate the renewal (browse to TTcloud and avoid the renewal and the charge for it by ‘deactivate’ the subscription. The service remains running until the end date and then immediately stops.

Limited invoice frequency

Most System Integrators will have several or many or hundreds of subscriptions activated and running. TELETASK appreciates this very much and for your comfort, we added extra intelligence in the TTecomm sales platform.

If the S.I. buys a first subscription, the end date will be the last day of the current month plus one year. At the end, the SI will get maximum one renewal invoice per month from TTecomm.

Which credit cards can be used on TTecomm

You can use VISA or MASTER CARD. Other cards and payment systems are not used because they don’t offer auto renewal services.
As we want to keep the services fee as low as possible, we don’t support payment systems for which employees of TELETASK should interfere manually and increase the cost for a subscription for everybody.

Is my credit card data safe on TTecomm

The payment via credit card is a secured and certified way of working. TELETASK works with the credit platform of Mollie (based in the Netherlands), so your credit card statement may show MOLLIE instead of TELETASK.
Your credit card information is stored for the auto renewal application, but TELETASK only has a reference number to it and not the credit card information itself. Only some international certified companies can keep credit card data. TTecomm uses such service for obtaining renewal fees which are taken via Mollie.

What if a credit card is no longer valid

The TTecomm platform will send an e-mail to the SI when the payment of one or more subscriptions can’t be done (about one month before the expiry date of the subscription).
The Si should enter a valid credit card as soon as possible so TTecomm will re-check to make the payment transfer to avoid that the connected subscription service(s) will be stopped at the expiry date.
A new credit card can always be entered any time of the year. For example, if the card almost reached validity date or you obtained a new card from your bank.

How can an auto-renewal of a subscription be stopped

If the end-user no longer wants a service, the SI or owner himself can de-activate the auto-renewal in TTcloud and no charge will be made on the expiry date. The service itself will stay running until the expiry date:
You see that the subscription has a renewal date in the future and as status "Active:
When you click on the 'Active' button it changes to 'Deactivate', then there appears a button on top of the page to 'Confirm' this action:
When you click on 'Confirm' another box will appear, with the summary of your actions, to confirm again. After you confirm that, the subscription will not be renewed anymore:

How can I check the subscription Expiry date

Login to your TTcloud and select the installation you want to check. Next to the subscription taken, you can see the expiry date.

Remark: the renewal date of the subscription (date of fee taken form the SI account) is one month before the expiry date.

The SI is informed of all subscriptions which will be renewed soon two months before the expiry date. See chapter auto renewal for more information.

TTecomm (8)

Multiple purchaser on one installation

Multiple SI’s can be active on a TDS installation. They only all need to be indicated as ‘System Integrator’ of an installation (in the ‘Extra’ - ‘users settings’ menu in PROSOFT). But only one ‘SI’ is supposed to be the ‘purchaser’ of the subscriptions.

Exception: But as an exception (we would not recommend doing so as it will make things more complicated), it is also possible that for example the SI pays with his credit card for the Remote Services subscription and the owner pays with his credit card for the Voice Control subscription.

How can you do this:
So who becomes the ‘purchaser’ of a subscription? The ‘purchaser’ is the person whose credit card will be used for a renewal payment.
Firstly, the SI buys the subscriptions needed. Secondly, a subscription can be deactivated (in TTcloud) by the SI or owner. It is when re-activating the subscription that the person who is logged in at that moment will become the new ‘purchaser’.

Practical example: To change the purchaser for Voice Control subscription from the system integrator to the owner, the system integrator can deactivate that subscription in TTecomm and log out and then the owner has to login in TTecomm with his cloud e-mail address + go to his installation and change the deactivated status of the Voice Control subscription again to activate and he will now be the new purchaser.
The owner can also login and deactivate and activate again the subscription. His credit card will be then used at the upcoming renewal periods.

Moving from purchaser (SI1) to another one (SI2)

Practical example on how to transfer a purchased subscription by SI1 to SI2

In this example we have two SIs:
'SI1' (original SI of the installation)
'SI2' (the new SI to be assigned from now on also the renewals).

Subscriptions have been purchased on the installation (in our example) named 'Alexa PICOS TOWER 1' by 'SI1'
Both 'SI1' and 'SI2' must be defined as ‘SI’ on this installation (can be done in PROSOFT – Additional – User settings + transmit nbt to the central unit, making them known as such in TTcloud and TTecomm for the installation in question).
First we will make 'SI2' the purchaser (= buyer with the other credit card) so the automatic payment will also be debited in the future of the new SI2- owned credit card. After that, you can remove SI1 from the installation if desired (see text further down in this chapter).
The 'SI2' account must now log in to TTecomm.
We see in TTecomm that the 'Purchaser' is currently on 'SI1' (screen capture below)

TTecomm (9)

Step 1: Deactivate the annual renewal
In the ‘Change status’ column, we change the status of 'active' to 'deactivate' by clicking 'active'.
In this example, we only change status for the TDS16120 but in most cases you will prefer to follow the procedure for all subscriptions. You can deactivate all subscriptions together and after logging in with the ‘SI2’ account, you can activate them all together as well.
TTecomm (10)
Fig: The renewal of the Voice assistant subscription now is 'deactivate' (= none active) but still needs confirmation (so the indication 'renews at...' changes only then to 'expires at ...').

Click the brown 'Confirm' key at the top right of the screen and then press 'Confirm' in the lower right of the screen:

TTecomm (11)

Situation is now as follows:

TTecomm (12)

You can see that the TDS16120 subscription will expire again on 31/12/2020 (= December 31th 2020)

Step 2: Set active again
Change “inactive” to “activate” so that the logged in account (‘SI2’in our example) becomes the new ‘purchaser’. Don’t forget to click the ‘Confirm’ button again.

TTecomm (13)

Click 'Confirm' and pay "0 euros".
The annual renewal cost (at expiry date) also appears on the screen but you can't pay now because this will happen automatically later (normally 1 month before the expiry date).
TTecomm (14)

Fig: You can also see that nothing has to be paid now as initial cost because it has been paid by SI1 already before)

Press 'Pay' and Confirm

TTecomm (15)

Once you click ‘Confirm payment’ here, the renewed payment account has been irrevocably moved to SI2. However, if you first click the cross sign in the top right corner, you can cancel this action.
If your credit card is still valid and everything has been successful with the online payment provider, you will now get:

TTecomm (16)

You can now see that 'SI2' is indicated as a ‘purchaser’, so renewing will be done from this credit card from now on.

TTecomm (17)

Remark: SI2 can also be an end user if the System Integrator prefers that the subscriptions of this installation will be paid by the end user's credit card. The disadvantage here is that the SI cannot count (a service margin) on this subscription directly.

For more information about TTecomm REPAIRS see the TTecomm REPAIRS section

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