Assigning TELETASK Outputs

An important step to fluently parameterise your project is the assignment of a name for all individual outputs (relays, dimmers, motors). In a later stage it will be a continuous job to use these assigned names when defining relations and functions. The assigned name of an individual output will always refer to the connected load or circuit.
For example: 'main light' (in the kitchen), 'wall sockets' (in the home office) or 'left curtain' (in the living room).

The different available parameters:


In the 'Define Output' window of the concerned Output unit of which the output that has to be assigned is part of, you can enter the name of all individual outputs. The name exists out of three parameters which are to be defined:

Select the room where the load is installed.
If the room is not in the list of rooms yet, you can directly enter a new room via the 'New' button.
If you have to change the characteristics of an existing room, you can use the 'Edit' button.
This is a way of grouping outputs on graphical TELETASK interfaces like the AURUS-TFT and iSGUI. The different available icons are:
Not visible
the output will not be visualized on graphical interfaces. This is to be used for all technical outputs which are not to be controlled by the user. For example: A water valve which is mostly controlled by timers and by the access control functions.
Select this option for outputs which are controlling wall sockets (all general non dedicated wall sockets, cooker hood; micro wave, fans, coffee machine, …) and other general on/off devices which are to be controllable by the occupants of the project, like there are garden sprinklers, etc...
Select this option if the concerned output is controlling a light or a group of lights.
Assigning this icon to an output will not cause it to be displayed on a Touch screen. It is only meant to sort outputs more easily by Icon
Select this option for motors. This will be displayed on touchscreens.
Select this option for moods. This will be displayed on touchscreens.
Motor (Power)
Only for relays that will be used in a ‘motor function’. Assigning this icon to an output will not cause it to be displayed on a Touch screen. It is only meant to sort outputs more easily by Icon.
Motor (Direction)
see motor power
Only for flags, use this icon to display a flag as a read only item on a Touchscreen in the motor Icon.
Remark: TELETASK touch screens also define other Icons like ‘Thermostat’, ‘Audio’ and ‘Sensor’. Items like a Temperature sensor or an Audio zone are automatically added to the correct icon if they are assigned to a room.
Enter a short name of the load/circuit which is connected to this individual output. Remember that this name will appear on the graphical interfaces (if there are any in your project) and there is a limited room on the screens to display this name. So keep the name length as short as possible.


  • 'light in the parents’ bedroom' is not a good name, because the room identification is already done in the 'room' section, so it would be better to use 'main light' or 'main', because the user also already knows that it concerns a 'light' because it has been assigned to this function.
  • 'Ambient light', 'left sockets', 'sprinklers left', 'staircase to cellar' are good names. 'Colour lights on staircase to first floor' is not good, because it is too long to be displayed. 'Staircase light' would be better.

In practice:

  • Click 'Edit' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
  • Click 'Outputs' in the 'Edit' pull down menu
  • Select the desired Output unit by clicking on it. The selected output unit turns blue.
  • Click the 'Edit' button. The 'Define Output' window appears.
  • Click on the picture of the interface the desired individual output. The selected output turns yellow.
  • Select/enter in the 'Output name' field one by one the 'Room' of the load, the related 'Icon' and enter the name you want to be displayed.
  • Click 'OK', the selected individual output is ready for later use.

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