Communication with the DOIP central unit


This section explains how to send your .nbt file to the DOIP, if the connection to the central unit is already working (USB or Ethernet).

Tables to send
Select in this field, the different tables which are to be sent to the central unit.
Central unit
upgrading to the newest version: This option is automatically marked if the central unit needs to be upgraded to a newer software version. The new software is send together with the .nbt file.
this option is marked 'V' by default and makes you send every change to the TELETASK central unit. This table contains all relations between the different inputs and outputs.
Tables, Clocks and Cards
this option is standard V-marked and sends all data to the central unit.
Mark the displays whereto you want to re-send the data. The NOT sending of these data can shorten the duration time of the sending.
If the central unit needs to be upgraded, you cannot send the displays along. You can do this, if needed, after the upgrade of the central unit.

In practice:

  • Click 'Communication' in the PROSOFT menu bar
  • Click 'transmit…' and the 'Communication' window appears on the screen
  • Set the communication settings.
  • Select the desired information which has to be sent to the central unit.
  • Click 'OK'. Immediately the data file(s) is (are) sent to the central unit.
  • The progression bar/label identifies the status of the communication.


A special function in the communication menu is 'Receive'. When pushing this button, you can read all the different relations in the TELETASK central unit. This may be a useful tool when you lost the original PROSOFT file with the project data.

Beware: Uploading of an .nbt file out of the central unit can only be used as an emergency tool when you have lost the .nbt file! If the central unit is defect this file also will be lost. Make sure you have ALWAYS an external back-up of your files.
  • 'Get Log Info: here you can see the history of the use of the central unit. This info can be very useful for rare software problems. Depending on the size of the history, the getting of the log info can take a long time.
  • 'Restart: the software restarts the Central Unit. This can proceeds eventually when you are not near the Central Unit.
  • 'Check SD: Check of the SD Card. For more info, please see the 'support & release notes' document.
  • 'Format SD: Formatting of the SD Card. For more info, please see the 'support & release notes' document.
  • 'Receive: receiving the .NBT file.

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