Access control options in PROSOFT

The access control options can be accessed in PROSOFT through extra > option > Access control.
Manage access control in CARDSOFT by:

This is the default mode. In this case access is granted/denied on a group base. All members of a group will have the same access rights. This option is suited for most applications (both residential and industrial). By default, two groups are already created: ‘family’ and ‘others’.


  • All users have the same rights
  • User can be clearly divided in groups: e.g. ‘owners, family, house staff’, or ‘directors, executives, employees’
  • Most users can be divided in groups, but a single user is different from all other, e.g. add a gardener, grandma, concierge, or home assistant, etc… to the examples above. In this case create a group for that single person.
In this case access is granted/denied on a single user base. Using this option probably means a lot more configuration work (especially if there are a lot of users), but also allows for extra functionalities.


  • An office building, where each user has its own office desk, but with a general entrance. You can activate a personal office desk only when its user arrives (= energy management)
Users & Groups
This is an advanced mode where access management is done both on users and on groups. See the ‘Access management on users and groups’ chapter for more info about this mode.


  • If there are users whose access rights are almost identical to those of a group, you can use this mode to grant the user extra rights, on top of those of the group (or deny some of the group rights).
REMARK: Changing the ‘Manage access control’ mode can be useful, but may result in the loss of data. Changes that will occur without loss of data:
From ‘Groups’ to ‘User: In this case the ‘Groups’ settings will be copied to the individual users, this may be useful if you want to manage access control on a ‘single user’ base, but there are some common settings. Start with the ‘Groups’ mode, configure the common settings on the groups. After this switch to ‘User’ mode to copy the settings to all users.
From rom ‘Groups’ OR ‘Users’ to ‘Users & Groups: In this case no changes will be made to the data.
All other changes to the ‘Manage access control’ mode will result in the loss of access settings defined on users or groups. E.g. When switching from ‘Users & Groups’ to ‘Users’ all group specific settings will be lost (in this case user specific settings will be retained).
CARDSOFT logging e-mail recipients
add one or more E-mail addresses here if you want, to receive E-mails containing an overview of the access attempts. These E-mails can be sent on a regular base (defined in TIMESOFT), from a function e.g. Local mood or automatically: the system will send an E-mail if there are 1250 access attempts in its memory that have not yet been E-mailed. The number of E-mail addresses is practically unlimited.
REMARK: the automatic E-mails will always be sent if there are 1250 attempts that have not yet been E-mailed. E.g. on average the number of access attempts in a given installation is about 900/month, so an E-mail is sent at 0:00 at the first of each month (configured in TIMESOFT). If in a certain month, for example by the 28th there have already been 1250 attempts, an E-mail will already be sent at that moment. On the first of the next month a new E-mail will be sent containing an overview of the remainder of attempts for the past month.

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