Record IR codes

For an IR device you have to define which carrier frequency is use by the device: 36-38 kHz or 455 kHz (most devices use 36-38 kHz).
To record an IR code follow the procedure below:

  • To be able to learn the IR-codes to the RS232/learnable IR generator unit, the unit should be connected to the PC trough an RS232 cable. Alternatively this can be done to the USB port of your PC. Therefore you will need the TELETASK RS232-USB convertor.


  • You are ready to record the IR-code. Make sure that both the audio remote control and the TELETASK RS232/learnable interface are close at hand.


  • Select the correct function and then click the 'RECORD Code' button on your PC screen.
  • AV-SOFT will display a window with the 'connecting to interface' message. Prepare to activate the button of the appropriate audio function on your audio remote control.


  • Hold the remote control about 30 cm (1 foot) away from the (dark red) transparent front plate of the TELETASK interface.
  • The 'Connecting to interface' screen changes into a window displaying 'Press remote control now!' Then (you will see that the 4 led indicators on the interface front panel are blinking) press on the remote control button you want to record in the TELETASK interface. Only during the blinking of the 4 led's a code can be captured. When you are too late you will have to try again.
  • When the code is recorded, a message appears on the PC screen. Click on the OK button.
If something is not correct, a message will indicate that no code was recorded. In this case, you can click on the 'Record code' again to try once more.
  • After the code is properly recorded, the new code is added to the chosen function. E.g. function SELECT SOURCE 3 corresponds with HDMI on the remote control. Please fill in HDMI in the name field of this function.
  • At the bottom of this screen: 'Recorded codes' a graphical representation of the learned IR-code is displayed. This visualization has two purposes:
  • It gives a visual control of the recorded code. When a non-expected pattern is displayed, there may have been a disturbance while recording the IR signal and the code will have to be recorded again.
Remark: Even a minor error in the code can disturb the working of the recorded code. If the pattern is not looking 'normal', we advise to learn the code again.
  • When you move the Mouse pointer over the graphical code pattern on the PC screen, the pointer will become scissors. You can also see that a part of the pattern becomes red. If you click on the left mouse button, the recorded IR- code will be cut (the red part will disappear). This function is particularly useful to tune codes to each other. This is important for functions like 'VOLUME UP' and 'VOLUME DOWN'. When arranging with the cut function you can make sure that there is an equal number of IR blocks (for example 3), for both the volume up – and volume down function so there will be the same volume level change for up and down. This results in a better control as if the number of IR-blocks would be different.
  • Repeat the former steps for every Infrared code which is to be learned.
  • When you need two or more infrared codes for one command click the 'chain' symbol next to the name of the function. You will see a menu where you can add a new code or a time to wait between two codes.
  • To test if a code was recorded correctly select the code and press the 'Test IR code on flasher' button. The code will now be send to the selected flasher and your device should respond as expected. If your device does not do anything or does something other than expected there may be something wrong with the IR code, please record it again. If you have chained more than one function (and waits) all chained codes will be sent to the device in the correct order and the wait times will be respected.

When all new infrared codes are memorized in the system, you can close the 'Record IR Codes' window by clicking on the 'X' button in the upper-right corner. Now you are back in the main window of AV-SOFT. This is the way to learn every infrared code. It makes the TELETASK RS232/IR generator a unique interface at an affordable price level.

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