Extra Parameters for External HVAC systems

Indoor unit properties

HVAC resolution
Depending on the type of HVAC indoor unit, the temperature resolution can be set to 0,5°C or 1°C.

Mode & Speed

HVAC operation modes
Select the supported Modes.
Remark: For some systems, if one zone is selected in one particular operating mode, all other zones will go to this operating mode. Contact the HVAC supplier for more information about the possible operating modes and their options.
External HVAC system supports ‘auto mode
select this if the HVAC system supports auto mode
Remark: This option is only enabled if ‘auto mode’ is enabled in ‘extra’, ‘settings’, ‘Sensors’
HVAC fan speed settings
Select the number of Fan speeds supported by the HVAC indoor unit.
Select checkbox ‘External system supports ‘auto fan speed
select if the HVAC system supports auto speed.
Remark: Contact the HVAC technician or HVAC supplier or HVAC manufacturer for the number of Fan speeds that are supported by the indoor unit.

Preset Temperature settings:

See Sensor Heat/Cool interface – Specific parameters.

Switch Language

Technical Handbook:

Internal documentation

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