TSF Services Handbook

TSF16xxx services Introduction

TELETASK offers three software services for which a subscription can be obtained for every individual installation. (See definition of an installation in the TTecomm platform chapter)

1. The ATMOS app subscription in brief (TSF16101)

The successor of iSGUI, the ATMOS app to control you home or building is a subscription based application. Read more on our website: https://teletask.be/en/products/software-services/apps/atmos/

The subscription can be purchased for:

  • TSF16101: 1 year
  • TSF16103: 3 years
  • TSF16105: 5 years
  • TSF 16110: 10 years

The purchaser can be the System Integrator or 'owner'. Subscriptions management via: https://ecomm.teletask.be/login/

The app is available for different platforms (2023):

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Quick set up guide:
TSF16101 ATMOS User Journey Activation V01

The complete set-up guide can be found on The ATMOS TSF Subscription page.

2. The REMOTE SERVICES solution in brief (TSF16100)

A Remote Services subscribed TDS installation can be remotely configured, diagnosed and maintained with PROSOFT via a protected internet connection. It includes also remote PROSOFT upgrades. The connection between the PROSOFT PC is a secure connection that runs from PC to TELETASK Cloud and from there to the central unit in the relevant home/building.
In addition, an installation with this subscription will enable the central unit to send authenticated e-mails instead of standard non-authenticated e-mails.
More details can be found in the main remote services chapter below.

Remote Services is very useful for System Integrators who are located far away from the TDS installation (high travel cost; slow service; high cost for the customer) or when a customer doesn’t allow the System Integrator to have physical access to his house/building.
In case of apartment projects, it is almost impossible to make a service/maintenance appointment with all owners together. With Remote Services, the system integrator doesn’t have to disturb the owners and he/she can do his service job any time of the day from any location. Even in the night, weekend or during holiday periods.
In case of a defect, the system integrator can diagnose the installation remotely and can immediately bring the necessary part for the repair. Remote Services generates a very faster and more efficient service.

Remote Services has a low annual cost and is the ideal solution for both the owner and the system integrator. It generates an efficient service at the lowest cost via a secure and reliable TTcloud connection. It's easier to set up (works automatically), is more comfortable in use and has no maintenance like is necessary with a VPN connection.
It can be purchased by the System Integrator or owner via TTecomm: https://ecomm.teletask.be/login/

3. VOICE CONTROL services in brief (TSF16120)

In brief: A TDS installation which has a subscription for VOICE CONTROL then use Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants to control a limited number of home automation functions.
E.g. ‘switch on the main light in the dining room’; ‘set temperature living room to 21 Degrees’…
More details can be found in the VOICE SOFT chapter.

How can a TSF subscription be obtained

Subscriptions are for purchase by the System Integrator or 'owner' and can only be obtained through the TTecomm platform. See chapter on TTecomm for more details.

REMOTE SERVICES how to work with it

After obtaining the REMOTE SERVICES subscription (via TTecomm; see explanation above) you can immediately use the REMOTE SERVICE features as availabale in PROSOFT.

Start PROSOFT, login, select the ‘Open installation remotely’ button
TTecomm (18)
Now select the installation to which you want to connect:
TTecomm (19)
Select your installation from the screen and PROSOFT will contact TTcloud, connect with the remote central unit, make the necessary secured connection layer and get the data (.nbt file) from the central unit. This process takes about 10 to 30 seconds depending on the speed of your PC and the bandwidth of the internet connection to TTcloud and between TTcloud and the TDS installation.
TTecomm (20)
Now you are connected just like you would be if connected locally on site.
You don’t have the problems as with VPN connections and you don’t have the security risk like evolved with port forwarding.

Important: In order to protect the TELETASK end-users, the use of port forwarding for remote connecting to a TELETASK DoIP installation is not allowed by TELETASK. Only REMOTE SERVICES and VPN are allowed and supported.

Backup of you .nbt file

With REMOTE SERVICES you directly work on the .nbt file in the central unit(s). Therefore, you need to save your .nbt in PROSOFT with the File Save-As menu, after every change. Put it in a save location (cloud or local drive) were it can’t get lost. In case of a defect central unit, the only way of recovering the .nbt file is from your own made backup! Never consider your PC drive as a safe drive. You mobile PC can get defect and lost as well! Cloud backups are most convenient today.
Examples are Dropbox and Onedrive but there are many others as well.

VOICE CONTROL how to work with it

In order to use Voice Control on your TELETASK installation (after obtaining the subscription for it via TTecomm), some configuration has to be done in PROSOFT and in the voice assistant app.
Refer to the Voice Control chapter for all configuration of your Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart assistants.

Internet connections and privacy / security

Important general comment: To protect the TELETASK end users, the use of port forwarding techniques to connect remotely to a TELETASK DoIP installation is not allowed by TELETASK. Only Remote Services and VPN are allowed and supported.

We no longer live in a time where an unsecured connection can be justified. Remember that an installer is responsible for setting up unsecured connections. TELETASK as a manufacturer, has no control over this and can only point to the risks and responsibility of the system integrator. As a specialist, the customer is assuming that you will not take risks that may compromise the privacy and safety of the home and its residents. Some risks of non-protected internet connections can have serious consequences.

Example: of risk of an unsecured connection: Someone with less good intentions can open a remote (internet hacking) gate and a child can walk on the street because of this.

Of course, it is also of the utmost importance that no other unsecured devices are present in the home that can cause an open Internet connection. TELETASK would therefore like to point out that many devices, e.g. from the (low cost) IoT world are often only weak or not secure at all. Data breaches and access to the home via digital means may be the result. TELETASK can not take responsibility here, but as a system integrator you will be better placed to warn the customer for the risks of such devices in a home automation environment and in an environment where one can open doors and gates remotely and/or generate other risks.

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