BACK-UP the AV-SOFT Library

It is advised to back-up your library in case you want to install your PROSOFT to another PC. The complete library is stored in de 'appdata' folder of your PC.

For WINDOWS 7/8.1/10

After installing PROSOFT on a other PC, copy the 'custom3.3.irdb' file to the same folder on the new PC. Alternatively, if the 'custom3.3.irdb' hasn't been back-upped, the RS232/IR/IP codes can be extracted from a .NBT file in which they have been used!

  • Open an .NBT file containing the device. The device will automatically be added to your current 'custom.irdb' file.

To send the RS232/IR/IP Codes to someone else, create an empty .NBT file, add an Universal RS232/IR Learnable interface or an AV-IP license, add the devices you want to send to the AV interface and save the .NBT file.

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