Multiple installations TTcloud account policy

If you are the end-user:
If you have multiple installations (houses), you can use only one TTcloud account (= e-mail address). it is important to have only one account in order to be able to login to the mobile device app (iSGUI). The reason is that you can install only one TELETASK mobile app for all your installations.
At the other hand, if you want to use voice control in both installations, you will need to make two extra TTcloud accounts (= two extra e-mail addresses needed) in order to identify them separately for each installation. You also have to make two separated voice assistant accounts as well.

If you are the System Integrator:
As a System Integrator, you only have to use one account which has to be defined in PROSOFT as 'System Integrator'. This configuration is automatically done and uses you log-in account e-mail address.
Remark: you need to use only this account for logging in to PROSOFT. Don't use the PC of the end-user in order to avoid confusion in your account policy.
This SI account is also the same account (e-mail address) which is used to enter TTecomm (subscriptions and repairs).

For your information: In TTcloud there is a setting for the end-user in order to be able to activate/dis-activate the SI access to the 'installation' (=house).

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