Connection trouble shooting

Follow this procedure when you lost your connection with the DOIP central unit. Don't worry if the heartbeat LED on your central unit stopped blinking. This means a problem has been detected, not that your central unit is down.

Heartbeat LED functions short:
Fast blinking (startup)
Slow normal: 2sec on 2sec off
However, if cloud is configured:
3 x very quickly in quick succession, then long off: cloud connection not yet OK
Short on, short off, long on (2sec), long off (2sec): cloud connection OK

In practice

  • When using a LAN connection, trouble could not be related to the Central unit. Try to connect with the Central unit using an USB connection.
  • Reset the central unit by pushing the RESTART button or by disconnecting the central unit from the main voltage. Wait up to 1' before the central unit has started up completely.
  • Start the PROSOFT Suite and open new file by selecting 'file' 'new' in the menu.
  • Connect the PC with the central unit using a proper USB cable.
  • In PROSOFT, go to communication and select USB. If this fails, one of the following error might occur:
  • USB on your PC is not working properly.
  • USB is not properly connected (and installed).
  • The Central Unit is defect.
  • If the connection succeeded, it should show 'connected' at the bottom of the window.
  • Send the empty file you just created, towards the central unit.
  • It might happen that an error is show: 'Central unit did not start up correctly'. This means there was a problem with the previous file sent tot the central unit.
  • RESTART the central unit a second time. This time the central unit will be completely cleared and will be ready to be configurated. Check if the heartbeat LED on the central unit blinks.
  • Now you can open and send a new file towards the central unit.
  • If the error occurs again, it means there is a problem with the file you try to send.
  • If your central unit is not responding, even when you send an empty file, it might be defect.
Problems in the nbt-file could make the central unit to stop, even after some time. This means the central unit is working properly but you will have to make a new nbt-file.

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