How to setup an access control system

To setup an access control system which is integrated with the home automation system, the different TELETASK software packages are used in combination with each other. In this chapter, we will use a case study where PROSOFT, TIMESOFT and CARDSOFT are used together.

Description of the case study example

In a family with four persons (mother, father, and two children), all of them can enter the house, front door and back door, by using a TELETASK TAG. Every person has its own TAG unit, hanging together with its car keys. When coming home, the front or back door is opened by having the TAG in front of a proximity reader. At the same time the heating in the living room is set to 'day' level.
The gardener and the cleaning women both have a TAG to, but they are only allowed to enter the house at the backdoor and only on Thursdays between 7:00 am and 07:00 pm. In this case, the heating is not switched to 'day' when they enter the house.

Needed products:

  • 1 x TELETASK domotics central unit MICROS+/PICOS (for example: TDS10012)
  • 1 x the necessary parts for the heating control: TELETASK temperature sensors, output relays to control the door openers and the heating pump and valves.
  • 2 x Proximity card reader (TDS12142)
  • 2 x Electromagnetic door opener unit which are controlled from a TELETASK relay contact from the central unit.
  • 6 x Tag TDS12203.

In practice


  • Define the two magnetic door openers on relay 1 and relay 2
    • Click 'Edit' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
    • Click 'Outputs' and the 'List of Outputs' window appears
    • Select 'MICROS+/PICOS OUTPUTS (1-8)'
    • Select Relay 1 and define 'Room', 'Icon' and 'Name' (example: hall – motor – front door). Do the same for the relay number 2.
    • Click 'OK' until you are back in the main PROSOFT menu.
  • Add the two proximity card reader interfaces end set their AUTOBUS address with the addresses 15 and 16.
    • Click 'Edit' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
    • Click 'Inputs'. The 'Inputs list' window appears.
    • Click the button 'New'.
    • Select 'General interface'
    • Select 'TDS12142: Proximity Reader'
    • Add the AUTOBUS address to the interface: '15' and enter a name for the reader: 'Proximity reader Front door'
    • Click 'OK' and repeat for the second proximity reader with address 16.
  • Make two 'Timer functions: 'front door opener' and 'back door opener'.
    • Click 'Edit – Functions' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
    • Select 'Timer functions'.
    • Click 'New'.
    • Add the 'Name: 'front door opener' in, Select relay 1 and add the opener activation time in. For example: 3 seconds.
    • Click 'OK' and Repeat for 'back door opener'.
  • Make a 'Flag' function and call it: 'Thursday 7am-5pm'.
    • Click 'Edit – Functions' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
    • Select 'Flag' functions.
    • Click 'New'.
    • Enter the 'Name: 'Thursday 7am-5pm'
    • Click 'OK' until back in the main PROSOFT menu
  • Make two 'Local Mood' functions: 'occupants access front door' and 'occupants access back door'
    • Click 'Edit – Functions' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
    • Select 'Local Mood' functions.
    • Click 'New'.
    • Enter the 'Name: 'occupants access' and eventually other parameters
    • Add in the local mood the 'timed' function 'door opener front door' and the 'sensor' function 'day'
    • Click 'OK' and Repeat for:
      • 'occupants access back door' with 'timed' function 'back door opener' and sensor function 'Day'
    • Make a 'If-Then-Else' function: 'Employess limited access back door'
    • Click 'Edit functions' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
    • Select 'If-then-else' functions.
    • Click 'New'.
    • Enter the name 'Employess limited access back door'.
    • Select for the 'IF Condition (True): 'Flags', 'Thursday 7am-5pm'.
    • Select 'THEN: the timer function 'back door opener'.
  • Connect the three functions to the two proximity reader units.
    • Click 'Edit – Inputs' in the PROSOFT menu bar
    • Double click the proximity reader with address 15 (front door)
    • Select function button 1
    • Select the 'Local Mood' function 'occupants access front door'.
    • Click 'OK', Repeat for proximity reader with address16 (back door)
      • Function button 1: 'occupants access back door'
      • Function button 2: Select 'If-Then-Else' function 'back door opener'.
  • Save this file and send it to the central unit.



  • Make a 'continuous' clock action 'Flag' 'Thursday 7am-5pm', which is activated every week on Thursdays 7am.
    • Click 'Add action'
    • Select the 'Continuous' clock table
    • Select the 'Flag' 'Thursday 7am-5pm'
    • Select the 'Target value' 'ON'
    • Select 'time of action' 7am
    • Define the repetition of every Thursday
    • Click 'OK'
  • Make a 'continuous' clock action 'Flag' 'Thursday 7am-5pm', which is deactivated every Thursday at 5pm.
    • Click 'Action Add'
    • Select the 'Continue' clock table
    • Select the 'Flag' 'Thursday 7am-5pm'
    • Select the 'Target Value' 'OFF'
    • Enter time of action as 5pm.
    • Set repetition to every Thursday
    • Click 'OK'
  • Save the TIMESOFT file.


  • Add the parameters of the occupants Tags
    • Click 'Add' and enter the 'ID' nr. of the TAG.
    • Enter the name of one of the occupants
    • Select the parameters:
    • 'Reader Add.: ALL
    • 'Function: 1
    • Repeat this for 'Reader Add.: 16; 'Function: 1'
  • Enter the parameters of the TAG for the employees
    • Click 'Add' and enter the 'ID' number of the employees Tags.
    • Enter the name of the employee
    • Select the parameters:
    • 'Reader Add.: ALL
    • 'Function: 2
  • Save the data on your PC and send it from PC to the connected central unit.

When these steps are done and all data is send to the central unit, the access control is integrated and everything will work as described.

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