TDS20067xx and TDS20068 HVAC PLUG and HUB


If you want to integrate an HVAC system with a limited number of split units with the TELETASK home automation system at an economic price, the HVAC PLUG interface and HVAC HUB may be the best choice. Thanks to this wired integration directly from the PLUG interface to the indoor unit, the end-user can manage his HVAC indoor units from the TELETASK touch screens and mobile devices.

HVAC Principe Schema V03 01

Installation of TDS20067xx and TDS20068 based HVAC Control

1. Connect the PLUG interfaces with the indoor units (specific cable may be required)
2. Connect max. 10 PLUG interfaces to the HUB unit (3-wired twisted pair).
Example for Daikin:
TDS20067 And 20068 Schematic Drawing V01

See also this guide for more information.
3. Connect the HUB with the LAN (same as TDS central unit)
4. Set a fixed IP address in the HUB

  • Download, run and install the QuickInstall Setup
  • Now select the 'SetupUtility' (2.2.4 or higher)
  • In the menu 'connection > network > discover devices' - connect - set IP to static - enter IP address (...) + 'Apply'

5. Search the PLUG addresses to use in PROSOFT

  • See LCD display on the HUB unit OR use the SetupUtility (Terminal > ls)
  • Example address: L2.198

6. Add the TDS15200 in PROSOFT (supplied with the HUB interface)

  • Select the interface TDS20068
  • Add the sensor zones with their proper address (see above) ex: L2.198
  • In the rooms list (PROSOFT) add the concerned sensors to the rooms

7. Transmit your .nbt file to the central unit

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