Phase 4: Configuring the audio buttons of the domotics installation

You can assign the buttons or inputs to the required audio function.
If needed, assign an audio zone for this interface in the 'Audio zone' field. If you use the Audio buttons on your TELETASK remote control (TDS12502) with this interface, the selected Audio zone will be controlled.
Next click on the button which you want to use and choose the 'audio' function as the type of function, plus the audio code you want to be generated (for example) 'start CD' (if available; the list is based on your list of learned codes).

REMARK: if you configure a button like this, you will always control an AUDIO ZONE not an AUDIO SOURCE, if needed the zone will relay the information to the correct source. Example: if you select 'Living' and 'DVD', the Central Unit will relay the necessary commands: 'SWITCH ON to zone living' + 'SELECT INPUT DVD to zone living' + 'PLAY to source DVD'.
In some rare cases you may want to control the source itself, this can be obtained with the 'Send IR/RS232 code' function (for normal use this is NOT recommended!)

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