The full flow diagram

The basic flow diagram above shows the simple basic task to be done in PROSOFT: defining relations between inputs and outputs. Because there is also the opening of the program, sending the configuration file to the central unit, etc… below there is the extended basic flow diagram which contains all necessary steps to be taken to complete a TELETASK / PROSOFT task from scratch to the end point where you can switch off your PC.

1 The start-up of a new installation

  • Collect all project related information
  • Open the new project (start PROSOFT on your PC)

2 Enter all the rooms of your project

(example: kitchen, office, garage, toilet 1, garden, etc.)

  • Enter all rooms

3 Enter all outputs and give them a name

(R1 = light in toilet nr.1)
(R2 = wall socket on the terrace)

  • Add all necessary output interfaces
  • Give a name to every single output

4 Enter all inputs.

(Input 1 = "left button of the double button panel in the toilet nr. 1")

  • Add all necessary input interfaces
  • Enter the name of the input

5 Define all necessary functions

  • Define the functions

6 Define the relations

  • Enter the relations

7 Save and send the generated file from the PC to the central unit

  • Save your file on the PC
  • Send from PC to central unit

The different steps in this flow diagram will be explained in detail in the text below.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to make a back-up of your .nbt file which is generated by the PROSOFT Suite. It is important to keep this back-up file available over the full life-time of the installation.

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