Defining a clock action

Adding a new clock action

Add a clock action

Using the 'Edit'-menu
You make a new continuous clock action by clicking the option 'New Continuous Clock' in the 'Edit' menu. Make every new clock action for the other clock tables in the similar way.
Using the short keys
You also can add a new clock action by clicking the 'new clock action' short keys in the TIMESOFT menu bar. For every clock table (Continuous, workday, weekend day, simulation and special) is a 'new action clock’ available.
Using the ‘Right’ mouse button.
‘Right click’ anywhere in the ‘week overview’ and select the clock table to which you want to add a clock action. The time for this clock action will be set to the time on the timeline where you ‘right clicked’ (rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour).

The different available parameters


Clock table
In this drop down you can change the clock table for the clock action. The action will only be executed when this clock table is active. Only the 'continues' clock table is always active. Refer for more information to the 'clock functions' in the 'Functions' chapter in this handbook.

Depending on the selected clock table, the following parameters are available:

Select here the function which is to be executed at the set time of the day. For more information about the different functions which can be selected and how they work, refer to the 'Functions' chapter in this handbook.
Reference date & time
enter the reference (starting) date and time for the first action of this repetition.
Repeat every
define here with which repetition the action has to be executed.


enter the time at which this action needs to be executed.
Execute this clock on
check the days on which this has to be executed.
Allow user to change this clock on Touchscreen
Enable this if the user is allowed to make changes to the clock function.
Make sure to add a clock name. This name will be used to display the clock on the compatible touchscreens.

Editing a clock action


  • Select the clock action you want to change by clicking on it in the right overview table.
  • Click the 'Edit action' short key in the TIMESOFT menu bar . The window with the parameters of the selected action appears on the screen.
Shortcut: double click the action you want to change in the right overview table.
  • Edit the desired parameters
  • Click 'OK', and the clock action is changed in the PC.

Remove a clock action

  • Click the clock action you want to be deleted in the overview table.
  • Click the 'Delete action' short key in TIMESOFT menu bar or use the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard.

On the screen appears a window asking for your confirmation to delete the selected clock action.
After clicking 'OK' the action is deleted from the clock table.

The 'Communication' menu in TIMESOFT

To send the adjusted Clock information to the Central Unit, you have to send the .NBT file to the Central Unit. Refer to the PROSOFT communication chapter for more information.

Before you send the data to the central unit it is recommended to save the project first.

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