Schematic Configurations

There are different possibilities to connect the target system on which the GUI runs with the TELETASK central unit. Furthermore you have the possibility to connect more than one GUI to the central unit. In this way you can control the house from several GUI's. The below drawn schematic drawing explains the different configurations.

Connect one target system with the domotics

When you connect only one GUI target system with your domotic system the connections between the target system and the central unit can be made in several ways.


Connecting one target system with a GUI/iSGUI over the Ethernet with the central unit is very simple.
Similar to a PC, we use an Ethernet patch cable (CAT5) or a wireless network to connect the target system with a switch or router of the LAN. Connect also the TELETASK central unit with an Ethernet patch cable to the LAN.

Via USB (only supported in combination with Windows)

For Demo or testing you can connect the target system GUI/GUI+ with the domotics system via a USB. We do not recommend this for a permanent connection.

Connect two or more target systems with the domotics.

Connecting 2 or more target systems with your DoIP Domotics Central Unit can be done similar to 1 target system, if you have applied the correct LAN method for every target system.
Attention: all target systems, just like the DoIP Central Unit have to be coupled within the same network. This means that the IP address of all systems have to start with the same first numbers. The last numbers have to be different!
e.g., 192.168 0.101 and,

Switch Language

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