Adding Output units

When you start-up a new TELETASK project, you will have to choose for a certain central unit. By selecting the central unit, PROSOFT automatically generates all standard available internal Output Units of the central unit. When you need more output units than the ones available in the central unit (MICROS+/PICOS), you will have to add extra output units. The AUTOBUS output interfaces have to be added in PROSOFT by the user. When adding output units, there are two parameters to be set:

enter in this field a short and understandable name for the output. In most of the cases you can just leave the name as it is given by PROSOFT. If you have more than one electrical cabinet at different locations in your project, we recommend to add to the output numbers (for example '25-32') the name of the floor of the electrical cabinet wherein the output unit is installed.
This setting is done automatically by PROSOFT, but you can always change the address if the concerned interface was already given another (available) hardware address setting.

Tip: It is always easier and faster to change the address setting of an interface in PROSOFT than changing it somewhere in an electrical cabinet or on a wall mounted panel.

In practice

  • Click 'Edit' in the PROSOFT menu bar.
  • Click 'Outputs' .
  • The 'List of Outputs' window appears on the screen. In this screen the standard (internal) available output units are already there because they are automatically predefined by PROSOFT.
  • Click the 'New' button to add an extra output unit.
  • The ‘Select interface’ window appears. The interfaces are grouped by their function on this screen.
  • Select the correct interface and click OK
  • The 'Define Output' window appears on the screen. Enter the different parameters for this interface.
  • Click 'OK: an additional Output unit is added to your TELETASK domotics project. The 'Define Output' window closes.
  • In the 'List of Outputs' window, which appears again, the output unit is added.
  • Repeat this way of working for all TELETASK output units which are to be added to your project.

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