Configuring DALI ballasts with the TDS13621 interface

  • Open a project (.nbt file) where a TDS13621 interface is configured for DALI
  • Select “DALISOFT” at the left

If PROSOFT is connected with the central unit and if the TDS13621 is connected to the AUTOBUS, there will be a "TDS13621" entry in the selection list


  • Under 'Devices' select the correct TDS interface.
  • Click 'Search and discover DALI devices'

Configuring DALI ballasts with the TDS20620V2 DALI Tool

Connect the TDS20620V2

If there is a TDS13620 connected to the DALI-bus, remove it first.
  • Connect the TDS20620V2 DALI configuration tool with the mains, DALI-bus and you PC




  • Start PROSOFT and just select ‘New MICROS+’. Addressing DALI ballasts will not make any changes on the .nbt project file. So this can be done independently from the TELETASK project configuration.
  • Select “DALISOFT” at the left

Search DALI devices

At the top right corner there will be a list of DALI devices capable of configuring the DALI drivers (ballasts).

If the Dali tool is correctly connected to the PC then there will be a "TDS20620V2" entry in the selection list

Configuring DALI ballasts

You have two possibilities to start the DALI addressing configuration:

“Search and discover DALI devices”
select this to find all devices on the DALI bus without changing their address. Any DALI devices that are not yet initialised will get a free address. When the search is finished, the number of devices in the list should match the number of the physical devices on the DALI bus.
PROSOFT will try to solve double addresses on the DALI bus. The address is removed from the conflicting devices so that they will get reassigned to other addresses
“Initialise DALI devices”
select this option to give all DALI ballasts a new address.
Be careful! This option will clear the addresses from all the devices on the DALI bus. After the initialisation is finished, you will get a list of all the devices addressed starting from zero.
PROSOFT always assign addresses by looking for free addresses from low to high.

Check DALI Addressing

When the list is generated, you can scroll through the list with the mouse or with the arrows of your keyboard. Each time a device is highlighted the corresponding (DALI) light is switched to ON and the previous is switched to OFF. So it’s easy to see which address is allocated to which device.

Change DALI Address

If it’s necessary to readdress one or more devices, simply click in the list on the device you want to change. Fill in the new address for that device and press “Change”.
If another address was already on this new address, the other device will get the old address.

Remark: readdressing is also possible if your bus is 100% occupied with 64 devices. One device will get removed and rediscovered which will result in a swap. This will however take a bit more time to complete.


Addressing DALI ballasts will not make any changes on the .nbt project file. You can simply close PROSOFT after the configuration.

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