Send IR, RS232 OR IP Code


This function permits to control a non-audio appliance with infrared, RS232 OR IP.
Examples of such appliances are: Jacuzzi's, gas fires. With this function you can also control the extra codes on our audio source, independent of zones!


'Send IR/RS232 or IP code: selects the appliance that has to be controlled by IR, RS232 or IP.
'Function'; selects the specific code which has to be sent to the appliance.

Function behaviour when used on an interface

'Short: with a short push on the button the selected function will be activated. When pushing shortly again, the function will be re-activated.
'Long: The operation is the same as described under 'Short'.

Function behaviour when operating in another function

When activating the other function the IR/RS232/IP code will be sent. When switching off the function, nothing will happen.

For more information about controlling IR/RS232/IP systems, please see chapter AV-Soft.
Not every function can be switched off. Whether a function can be switched off, is described in the different functions.

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