ATMOS - iSGUI Selection

Start with choosing the correct GUI type.

(PROSOFT 4.0 screen)

TDS15105 GUI+
choose this GUI type for use on a Windows PC.
choose this GUI type for use on a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. For more info concerning creating an ATMOS, see next chapter.
TDS15100 GUI
choose this GUI type for use on an Apple or Linux (or windows) PC.

For the ATMOS you can choose between:

Define the GUI manually
just like the GUI/GUI+ for PC, you can define the different pages to your wishes. But for the ATMOS there is a quick and easy-to-use alternative.
Create the GUI based on the rooms and icons
GUISOFT will by default define all available domotic elements and organize them in the correct categories and rooms. This is all based on the configuration in PROSOFT! After the automatic generation, you are still able to change things about the configuration of the iSGUI.
Once the GUI type is selected, it can't be changed!
The GUI type has to correspond with the activated Licence type.
The adjustments you make afterwards in PROSOFT are not automatically implemented in the app configuration.

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