The ATMOs app is the successor of iSGUI app. It is compatible with various platforms and operating systems, allowing it to run as a GUI:

can be downloaded from App Store.
can be downloaded from Google Play
Windows PC
can be downloaded from TELETASK website.
In some countries, app store availability varies.


The GUISOFT is a part of the TELETASK PROSOFT Suite software. Using the GUISOFT you will create one or more GUI's for your '.nbt project'.

Mobile app configuration

Can be made based on rooms and icons or manually.

GUI+/Control Tower client configuration

A GUI+/Control Tower client configuration is the visualization of the different control screens on your target device. A GUI is created in GUISOFT by creating the 'GUI files' containing all the data for the concerned GUI. The data contains images of the floor plans, used icons…

GUI Runtime (GUI+)

GUI runtime is the software that needs to be installed on the target device. Without this installation, the GUI will not work on the target device. The GUI runtime creates an environment in which the GUI data is displayed on the target device.

TDS15105 only Microsoft Windows

Control Tower

The "Control Tower" software runs on the building management PC, for technical alarm processing and camera surveillance applications. The software is meant to be used by an operator who is responsible for the technical surveillance of a number of apartments, houses or buildings. Thanks to the Control Tower software, up to three (or six) operators can simultaneously work from any location with an internet connection.
The main screen contains an overview of all houses or buildings. In case of an alarm, the alarm message appears in a dedicated window and the concerned house/building is clearly indicated by a flashing symbol. The alarm is also supported by an alert and a customized voice message, asking for the operator’s urgent attention. With permission of the resident, the supervisor can be given access to some of the basic functions of the house and other additional services can be offered. A simple phone call to the operator would be sufficient. For example: change the temperature in your holiday house.
Thanks to the TELETASK DoIP concept, the building can send automatic E-mail and SMS messages to the resident(s), independent from the Control Tower operator.

Target Device

The target device is the PC, tablet, smartphone, on which the GUI will run.

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