TDS14061 HVAC Modbus Master interface

TDS14061 is an AUTOBUS interface for controlling HVAC systems. Depending on the brand and the specific unit(s), the interface can be configured to integrate up to 64 indoor units.
The TDS14061 requires communication over Modbus to a Modbus Slave interface: TDS20061xx, TDS20062xx or TDS20063xx in order to control the HVAC system. The interface is suited for controlling specific VRV/VRF and residential split units.

Remark: In case that local wired remote controllers are installed in the system and they are all located in one central place, make sure that the HVAC system uses the room temperature measured by the indoor units and not the room temperature measured by the local wired remote controllers.

Adding a HVAC Modbus Master interface to the Interfaces list.

  • Bring up the Interfaces List and click on ‘New’.
  • Select ‘TDS14061’ from the list as shown on the figure below.


Modbus Slave interface selection

Select the correct Modbus slave type:

  • TDS20061DA: for DAIKIN HVAC systems
  • TDS20061SY: for SANYO HVAC systems
  • TDS20061TO: for TOSHIBA HVAC systems
  • TDS20061HI: for HITACHI HVAC systems
  • TDS20061PA: for PANASONIC HVAC systems
  • TDS20062MH: for MITSUBISHI HEAVY HVAC systems
  • TDS20062LG: for LG HVAC systems
  • TDS20062SS: for SAMSUNG HVAC systems
  • TDS20063FU: for FUJITSU HVAC systems


Configure the AUTOBUS Address

  • Select AUTOBUS number and set the interface AUTOBUS address.


Configure Modbus Slave interface

  • Add the HVAC indoor units by clicking the ‘Add’ button.

For each indoor unit, a sensor has to be added to the list, configure the following settings:

Sensor Type
Modbus Sensor by default
Sensor Name
This can be a free chosen name. Normally this name should represent the location(zone) of the indoor unit.

Indoor unit properties

HVAC group nr & HVAC zone nr
This represents the HVAC indoor unit address. This setting must be the same as the address which was configured manually on the HVAC indoor unit in that zone by the HVAC technician.
Remark: Contact the HVAC technician to find out which HVAC address is given to each indoor unit in the HVAC system.;HVAC resolution: See Chapter ‘Extra parameters for External HVAC systems’.

Mode & Speed
See Chapter ‘Extra Parameters for External HVAC Systems’

If everything is set correctly, press ‘OK’.

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