Tested Units

  • Siedle Vario demo case and Gateway (SG-650-0)

Only the outdoor unit was used in the test

SETUP: SG-650-0 was connected to the local test network of TELETASK and the outdoor unit was connected to the Siedle gateway. OPUS was connected to the same test network.

OPUS Audio Configuration

  • SIP Speaker scaling 10
  • SIP Microphone scaling 25
  • Voice 80%

SIP Setup

Siedle unit has an internal SIP server and was found working.



The sound is loud and clear.


DTMF was found working to open the door



Only Motion JPEG is supported. Only when there is a connection between the OPUS and the Siedle.

Available URL's

Multiple OPUS with Siedle

When you need to connect multiple OPUS units to one Siedle installation, you will encounter the problem that Siedle create different camera URLs per SIP client.
You need a workaround to make sure that every OPUS use another URL to connect to the Siedle gateway:
Create as many IP cameras as OPUS units you have, set for each IP camera a different URL, but set the VoIP Call-ID for each URL to the SIP id of the outdoor unit.
Make sure the first IP camera has the URL for the first OPUS: look to the sequence in the PROSOFT 'I' interface list, to see how the OPUS units are sorted.
Remark: this is only for OPUS not for other equipment like MAIOR!

Switch Language

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