Energy management

What can be displayed on the TELETASK user interfaces:

Item Source of the parameter Displayed unit TDS12015,16, 17, 12061, 12110, 14050 TDS12022, 32 AURUS-OLED (PLUS) TDS12064 AURUS-TFT TDS15101 iSGUI TDS15105 GUI+ TDS15110 CONTROL TOWER
* Real time c/g (=flow) Meter with pulse output (TDS12117) kW or ltr/h or m³/h… X X X X X X
* c/g today or last 24h (totalized units) Meter with pulse output (TDS12117) kWh, Ltr, m³ or in currency (€, $,£…) X X X X X X
Column chart Total /h, /day /month Meter with pulse output (TDS12117) kWh or Ltr or m³… X ** X ***
Line chart Any analogue sensor on a TDS analogue input °C, Lux, %, Ph, km/h, m/s, bar, ... X **** X ***
Smart meter parameters Smart meter with built-in webserver kW, kWh, V, A, cosPhi, m³, m³/h, Pactive/Preactive X X
Electricity balance (max. 1 meter per .nbt file) Electricity meters with pulse output (on contact inputs of TDS12117) Real time consumed + generated + balanced in values and currency X
  • X: feature is supported on this interface
  • c/g: consumption or generation
  • *: The flow or the total of one pulse input can be visualized. Connect the pulse meter at two inputs of the TDS12117 if you want to display the flow as well as the total at the same time.
  • **: Totals/hour are memorized for up to 2 days (up to 2x 24 columns) ; totals/day are memorized up to 2 months (up to 2 x 31 columns); totals/month are memorized up to 2 years (up to 2 x 12 columns).
  • ***: All values are memorized over the last two years on the GUI+ PC (only).
Remark: for this feature it is required that the “Enable LOG system” option in PROSOFT is enabled.
  • ****:
    • 1. chart/day: one value is memorized in the central unit every 15 minutes for the last 2 days
    • 2. chart/week: values per hour instead of /15’ for the last 2 weeks.
    • 3. chart/month: contains two line charts: min. and max. value reached per day for the last two months.
    • 4. chart/year: contains two line charts: min. and max. value reached per month for the last two years.

Remark: With the start of every new day/week/month/year, the values of the oldest day/week/month/year are deleted from the memory.

Remark: The chart data for maximum 100 devices can be memorized per DoIP central unit.

Remark: See also the P1 Interface TDS12340BE for connection with smart meter

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