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When you want to install a GUI application, there are a number of steps to be taken. Below you find a diagram with the different steps and in the next chapters they are described in detail.

Remark: ATMOS (succeesor of iSGUI) is an exception and requires a subscription instead of a license. Subscriptions can only be purchased through TTecomm. For more information on how to configure ATMOS, please refer to the following link: ATMOS TSF License

Remark: Since May 2023 it is not possible to obtain a license for iSGUI. All existing users are advised to switch to ATMOS.

1 Activate your license at www.teletask.be. You will be able to download the neccessary activation file. www.teletask.be - log in/out - downloads - activation files
2 Configure the GUI properties and pages. Start PROSOFT Suite opening the wanted '.nbt'-project and click 'GUISOFT'. Configure the GUI properties in the GUI properties window: resolution, pages… ! Do not forget to set the proper Ethernet settings Drag and drop the domotic and multimedia functions onto the wanted pages.
3 Import the activation file. Click 'Extra>Licenses'. Import the activation file. Click 'ok' to confirm the codes
4 Send NBT file to your DoIP Central unit Click 'Communication>transmit
5 Export the GUI data files (only for GUI) Click 'Communication>Create GUI Files' to export the GUI data files. Choose a temporary folder to save the GUI data files. Make a BACK-UP of your GUI files!
6 Install the GUI on the target device Download the GUI runtime from www.teletask.be (GUI/GUI+/iSGUI), Apple App Store (iSGUI), Google Play (iSGUI) or BlackBerry World (iSGUI)
7 Copy the 'Gui data' directory and its content to the TELETASK GUI directory on the target device (only for GUI) Copy paste the 'GUI Data' folder into the TELETASK GUI installation fodlermap (on the target device!).
8 Connect the target device with the TDS central unit (LAN / exp. USB)
9 Start the GUI on the target device by clicking the 'Start GUI' icon on your desktop or in the 'Start' menu.

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