How to detect whether your Power Supply load is 70%

Every TELETASK power supply has a maximum load capability. TELETASK recommends to keep the load on a power supply at maximum 70% (for a long life time).
TDS10132 is maximum 2Amp so at 70% you can charge it with an AUTOBUS load of maximum 2*70%= 1.4Amp.
TDS10134 is 4A, so maximum recommended is 2.8 Amp (although it can supply 4Amp).
This precaution is particularly important in case of high (+25°C) environmental temperatures in the electrical cabinet where the PS is installed). It also guarantees a higher peak-load capability.

FAQ 08
Figure: In the 70% row you can see how much current is available for the AUTOBUS interfaces.

To predict what the power consumption of the concerned AUTOBUS will be, please use the load calculation in the Vcalc spreadsheet which provided by TELETASK. It contains a sheet where you can enter all used interfaces on the AUTOBUS and it makes a total of the current consumption on the AUTOBUS.
Don’t forget that the central unit also will consume some power form your power supply. Therefore you also need which one you use.
If you want to make your own calculation, you can check each individual power consumption in the data sheet of each product.

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