TDS13611: Dimmer Interface EN

The TDS13611 dimmer interface has 8 analog 1-10V outputs to control dimmable lights. The interface also provides the necessary 8 output contacts to switch the main power supply to the 8 dimmed light units.
Alternatively, you can set the analog outputs as 0-10V outputs. In this case, the contact outputs can be used as standard output contacts, totally independent of the 0-10V outputs (this can be combined for every 4 channels).
To supply the necessary galvanic isolation between the AUTOBUS and the outputs, the use of a separated 12V power supply input is available (ref. TDS10132 or TDS10134).

Configuration in PROSOFT

TDS13611 01

Choose which config you need:
1) 8 relays automatically linked to the dimmers, this relay is switched off as soon as the dimmer is at 0%.
(This is because, for example, dimmable fluorescent lamps at 0% (or 1 Volt) are not completely off and still continue to emit minimal light.)
2) Same as above but only for the first 4, the second 4 "dim outputs then become 0-1 Volt and the 4 relays are released for other use
3) First 4x 0-10 V and then 4x 1-10 V
4) No more 1-10 Volt at all

TDS03611 02

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