Special codes


On the iSGUI audio page you can add 10 additional functions to control your AV source. To make them active you have to add these extra functions to the Recorded codes list of your AV device.
Primary audio page
Detail page

Detail page
Extra 1 Extra 1
Extra 2 Extra 2
Extra 3 Extra 3
Extra 4 Extra 4
Extra 5 OK (Enter)
Extra 6 Up
Extra 7 Down
Extra 8 Left
Extra 9 Right
Extra 10 Not visible

Important Remark: All of the extra codes can be recorded to hold any possible functions BUT independent of the recorded IR codes, the extra codes 5 up to 10 will be displayed on iSGUI as arrows and OK, if they have a display name!

'Link zone with' action

The 'Link zone with' action allows to Link the selected zone with another zone. When zones are 'linked' they will always play the same audio stream. When the 'source' in one zone is changed, the source in the other zone will also change.
As both zones need to have the same sources available, not all zones can be linked together. The zones that can be linked (to zones of the same type) are:

  • Zones on the same multi zone amplifier (e.g. MMA 8)
  • Zones from the Nuvo P100/200/3000/3100/3500 players.

When zones are linked, they will remain linked until one of the zones is switched OFF.
It is possible to link more than two zones together. The only limitation is in the hardware of the audio system:

  • MMA4: 4 zones can be linked as one MMA4 has 4 zones available
  • MMA8: 8 zones can be linked as one MMA8 has 8 zones available
  • Nuvo: 16 zones can be linked.

For the Nuvo system, linking zones from TELETASK is the same as linking zones in the Nuvo App.

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