The Motor window will show the state of the Motors and Motor functions. Only the internal motor number is shown together with its room, icon and name.
The state of a motor is shown in three blocks:

  • 2 blocks left and right indicate the direction (up and down arrows )
  • 1 block in the middle indicates the status of the motor (motor running to 0% or 100%, stationary at a position, calibrating or empty if position indication is not enabled for the motor)

Image245 When the central block is blue, that means that the motor is not powered. The state of the direction blocks indicates in which direction the motor has run the last time.
Image246 If the central block is Yellow, the motor is powered, the direction is indicated in text and with the direction arrows.

REMARK: for the motor function with output type ‘1 relay (start/stop)’ the arrow blocks are not available because the motor only supports basic start/stop operation.

Clicking on the arrow will start the motor in that direction. Clicking on the central block will start the motor in the opposite direction of the last time or stop it when it was running. After a predefined runtime, the motor will automatically stop.
Clicking the calibrate button will start a calibration of the run times for that motor.(only on motor interfaces that support calibration (TDS13526)).
Image247 A red cross on top of the motor indicates that the Central unit is not sure about the state of the motor, it only indicates how the motor state is expected to be. Additional error messages indicated in red will tell more about the error.

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