The interface window shows the list of interfaces known by the Central unit. This means all interfaces that are defined by the .nbt file that was transmitted, but also interfaces that are not defined but found by the central unit. (when all is well configured, the last part should result in no errors).
When opening the window the PROSOFT starts an active search on the different busses starting with AUTOBUS 1. It first start searching for input interfaces, followed by output interfaces. When Items are defined on AUTOBUS 1, PROSOFT will continue the search on AUTOBUS 2, 3,... The bold line just above the table indicates where the Central unit is searching. The search can be stopped and refined by selecting busses and selecting Outputs and/or Inputs.
During the search the list will change from grey lines into white lines. The grey lines show the previous state of the known interfaces (Preview). The white lines are the actual found results.
When the search is complete (all white) the table shows the state of the interfaces connected to the Central unit. The state indicates OK or not OK with an error description. In some cases more info can be found by pressing the details button. When the interface supports it the firmware version number and AUTOBUS voltage are shown. When a new version of the firmware is available an upgrade button appears. You can click on it to start the firmware update. When started you can close the diagnostics or even PROSOFT. The Central Unit handles these updates autonomously. Additional information can be shown by clicking the “Details” button.

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