B&O Integration

Integration possibilities

There are two different types of integration between TELETASK and B&O:

  1. Controlling B&O audio devices from TELETASK using the TDS15240 audio IP license.
  2. Controlling TELETASK from the B&O remote control using the TDS15132 open DoIP protocol license.

The 2 types are independent from each other and are to be configured individually. The choice to implement one or both of the options is up to the client. From the B&O side you will always need the Masterlink gateway (BeoLink Gateway Type 1703 or ML Gateway 1701).

Controlling B&O audio with TDS15240 audio IP license

TELETASK supports all standard TELETASK commands:

  • Zone On/Off
  • Zone Volume (Up, Down, Mute)
  • Source selection
  • Source control (next, previous, 1, 2, …)
  • Audio Feedback is limited to volume feedback (if supported by the B&O interface).
See http://mlgw.bang-olufsen.dk for the compatibility of the B&O audio devices with their Masterlink gateway.

Controlling TELETASK from the B&O remote control with TDS15132 open DoIP protocol license

First the B&O Masterlink gateway (MLGW) needs to be configured. This is done from the homepage of the MLGW. There’s a pre-configuration table that can be selected and be used to link “Local Moods (1 - 99)” from TELETASK to “Events” from B&O. This can be more than just the “Light” functions (e.g. switching a certain Audio Zone). Testing of the link can also be done through the home page of the MLGW.
We will explain step by step how to integrate B&O and TELETASK for both possibilities.

1. Controlling B&O audio devices from TELETASK

  • Setup or find the IP-address of the gateway.

See manual “Installation and setting up guide for ML Gateway” of B&O.
The default IP address is

  • Log in with a browser to the gateway and choose “Setup”
  • The default login/password is admin/admin

On Type 1701:
On Type 1703:
B&O 1703 Start

Assign all the B&O products on the 1701

For the 1703, see next chapter.

You have to configure all the Masterlink products.

  • Select Programming > BeoLink.

Please follow the B&O guidelines to assign the products with a MLN number.
At the end of the assignment procedure you must have something like this on the 1701:
The MLN number is the number you will use afterwards in PROSOFT as zone number.

Configure your B&O products on the 1703

You need zones for your devices

Create the zones you want on the tab 'Zones'
B&O 1703 Zone

Add your B&O device's

In the tab 'Resources" you have to add each B&O device you want to control
B&O 1703 Resources
Press on Capture:
B&O 1703 Add
During this proces you should be able to find all the device by switching them on. If you encounter problem here please contact you B&O supplier.
Give every device a meaningful name:
B&O 1703 ChangeName

Enter a MLN number

After you added all device you should also see them at the tab 'Interfaces'
There give every device a unique MLN number between 1 and 8, if you have more then 8 zones to control please contact TELETASK support.
B&O 1703 MLNnr


  • On the System tab, check if the MLGW protocol is configured on OP port 9000



  • On the Setup tab > Integration Protocols, check if the MasterLink Gateway protocol TCP port is configured on TCP port 9000 and Home Integration Protocol is disabled.

B&O 01

9000 is the port number preconfigured in PROSOFT. If necessary it can be changed.

Remark: Don not forget to de-select "Requires authentication"

Setup products

Depending of the product you may have the possibility of (limited) feedback information to the Masterlink Gateway. Please check the Masterlink Gateway product compatibility document for more information.
Example: for a BeoSound 4 you have to change in the setting menu “STATUS TO MLGW (Master Link Gate Way)” to ON (default OFF).

Settings in PROSOFT and AV-SOFT

  • In AV-SOFT make a new TDS15240: A/V IP License


Remark: If you didn’t yet purchase a TDS15240 license for your central unit you can use it for 3 days after downloading, there will be a test license created automatically.
  • Fill in the IP-address (in this example


  • Add Device: BANG & OLUFSEN / ML Gateway 1701

This implementation can use a maximum of 8 B&O zones (MLN) and is preconfigured to use the sources: RADIO, CD, A.MEM, N.RADIO, CDV/DVD, TV, AUX_V, AUX_A.

  • You can now change the zone names and source names as you wish.
  • After this step you are able to use the audio zones in the rest of your TELETASK system.
Do not forget to assign the “Audio Zones” to “Rooms”.
  • Download to the Central Unit and test.

2. Controlling TELETASK from the B&O Remote Control

Only supported on the 1701 for the moment
  • Go to the setup webpage of the gateway
  • Select ‘Programming’
  • In the “Devices” list select “Custom strings”
  • Press “Add device”


  • Fill in the Description field (e.g.: TELETASK)
  • In the IP-Address field, type the IP address of the Central Unit
  • In the IP-port enter 55957 which is the port number for the DoIP Protocol.


  • Download the “DoIP B&O MLGW TELETASK Custom Strings” file from the download section on www.teletask.be (first log in with your professional ID).
  • At the bottom “Browse” to the file “MLGW TELETASK Custom Strings.csv”
  • Press “Upload text file”

Now all commands for toggling local moods 1 to 99, are added as a resource to the gateway.

Don’t forget to press the Test button and then the Save button.

Now you are able to use these commands through the B&O gateway.
Some examples:
Create buttons on the web page of the gateway:

  • On the Programming > Devices page, add some buttons and give them a name and an ID
  • Place them on ‘Global’ room for testing.


  • Go to the Macros page to add commands to the buttons.
  • Press “Add macro” to create an action
  • Give the macro a name.


  • Select “Virtual buttons” at “New event from driver”
  • Press “Add event”.


  • Select the Virtual Button you have created and select as action “PRESS”
  • Press Finish
  • In the command section select “Custom strings: TELETASK”
  • And press “Add command”


  • Select the mood you want to test
Don’t forget to press the Test button and then the Save button.

Afterwards you can go the webpanel and test your command:
You can also add Macros for the remote control of B&O to trigger a mood.
Do this by repeating the previous steps but instead of selecting Virtual Buttons you select “BeoLink” and select “Match LIGHT command”.

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