Remote connections


If your customer has a request, you don’t need to travel to the customers house or building. With PROSOFT connected via remote services, you can do full remote diagnostics, re-configure and even upgrade your TELETASK installations.

So from now on you can remote manage your TELETASK projects without the problems of VPN and the security risks of port forwarding. Therefore TELETASK developed the ‘remote services’ solution.


  • Fast remote communication
  • No new environment. Use of your well-known PROSOFT like before
  • Low cost intervention for your customer
  • Increased profits due to much lower labour cost
  • No travel cost
  • Global approach
  • No software license needed
  • State-of-the-art SaaS model
  • Low subscription fee.
  • Ease of activation via on-line TELETASK- ecom platform
  • Payment by credit card; yearly auto- renew available
  • No administration by the system integrator if end- user pays
  • System integrator can choose to activate the service on his account and add it to his customer service or yearly service contract.
  • Only one subscription fee per installation (= per .nbt file)

Once a DoIP installation is running and connected to the TELETASK cloud, the next level up is to make a remote connection between your PROSOFT-PC and every individual TDS installation. It means wherever on the globe you have an internet connection, you can diagnose and maintain your TDS installations.

This new service is based on a monthly/yearly subscription which can be introduced (and paid) by the system integrator. The e-commerce platform for subscriptions is not yet on-line and during this period, we provide the service for a limited number of your customers who can obtain a free of charge time limited connection until the platform becomes available. Free activation is available from now until August 31, 2019.

For customers who want to apply for remote services, go to the cloud account of your installation and click the Activate remote services button. You immediately are given a free of charge limited remote services subscription until August 31, 2019. (You don’t have to send any license-files to the central unit for using it)
Starting from September 1, 2019, you will need to buy a subscription from our new platform which will be available on our professional website. A professional log-in will be needed. You will need to add your credit card information. TELETASK work with full secured and certified payment partners only. Therefore we don’t keep you credit card information on our platform, but this partner is taking care. TELETASK therefore works with KBC bank Belgium, one of the largest bank groups in Europe.


  • Running PROSOFT version 3.7 on the central unit(s)
  • Central units connected to the cloud
  • Active subscription in the cloud for the installation

How does it work?
The file menu in PROSOFT has been increased with some new features. Beside of the existing “open file”, “new MICROS/PICOS/NANOS” options, you will now also find ‘open installation remotely’ (see screen capture below).

Remote 01

These remote installations are the remote installed TDS systems which have been activated by you (with a yearly renewable subscription) and are added with a location name in the TELETASK cloud website.

Remote 02

You will only see your own installations in which you were added as a system integrator and have access to. When you select such location, PROSOFT starts setting up the connection between your PC and the central unit (via the TELETASK Cloud server system). If there are more than one central units in one location (up to ten can be combined as one system), you don’t have to mind about it. PROSOFT will connect to all the central units from that installation.

Remote 03

As soon as the connection is established (takes about 30 seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection), you can see the ‘connected’+ cloud symbol below in the middle of the PROSOFT screen:

Remote 04

From now on, you are connected from your remote location, just as you would have been on site.

Remark: Only the camera test button will not work in the camera settings menu because you are not directly on the LAN.

.nbt File management

After the connection is made with the installation, PROSOFT has downloaded the nbt file from the central unit(s) into your PC. So you don’t need to work anymore with the files on your PC. At the other hand, we strongly recommend to ‘save as’ your .nbt file every time you make changes to your preferred back-up location. This is a good protection to avoid losing the .nbt file if the central unit would get defect and PROSOFT is not able anymore to download the .nbt from it.


The yearly subscription fee for remote services is not defined yet but will become available as soon as the online payment platform TT-ecom will be on-line. This is supposed to be by the end of August 2019.
If the platform would not be active by then, all free-of-charge activated Remote Services subscriptions will remain active and free-of-charge until the TT-ecom platform becomes available.

Authenticated e-mails

Authenticated mails come together with your REMOTE SERVICES subscription:

If you send e-mails from your TDS system, for some countries it may be important that they are authenticated. Directly from the central unit, this is not possible. From now on you can take a subscription (free of charge until August 31st, 2019) on the REMOTE SERVICES system and your e-mails (from alarms and messages) will be sent via the TELETASK cloud services and become authenticated e-mails. For all details on how to activate the remote services system, see above.

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