The RGB function


The 'RGB' function combines 3 dimmers for controlling multi colour lighting.



the naming of a 'RGB' function is divided in 3 parts:
  • Name: insert here a short and clear description of the 'RGB' function.
  • Room: select here the room in which the 'RBG' function is activated.
  • Icon: select here whether the RGB has to be represented on a TELETASK touchscreen and if yes, under what icon.
Select dimmers
in this field you can select the three dimmers which will control the multicolour lighting. We foresee always 1 dimmer for the colour red, 1 for the colour green and 1 for the colour blue.

Function behaviour when used on an interface


with a short push on the button the 'RGB' function will be set on the defined colour. If the 'RGB' function was already set on this colour, it will be switched off (all dimmers will be switched off).
  • ;Long: The operation is the same as described under 'Short'.

Function behaviour when operating in another function

When activating the other function the 'RGB' function will be controlled to the defined colour.
When switching off the other function, the 'RGB' function will be switched off.

Not every function can be switched off. If a function can be switched off is marked at the different functions.
We suggest working with bright colours for the 'RGB' function (you find them in the upper side of the colour chart)

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