If access control is more than just opening a door to you, TELETASK has the right solution to fulfil your needs and much more...
TELETASK is not only offering an access control system, but a fully integrated solution which is reliable, safe, powerful and easy to use. Yes, you can open the door and switching on the lights, the heating/cooling, switch on the water supply, the gas supply, lower the curtains and set the audio system in the bath room and the kitchen to your favorite radio station… without even touching a button. Only a small tag hanging at your car keys or a proximity chip card in your handbag is needed. As soon as the TELETASK system recognizes you or your beloved ones being at the front door, the house is at your service. When it’s dark, the lights are dimmed to 'welcome' you, etc…
Not only comfortably opening a gate, a door or a garage door is the result, but the TELETASK solutions avoid that people can copy your door keys or some access tag/card can have limited or full access. The gardener can only open the main gate at the street level, open the garage door and activate the water supply (for a limited time). The cleaning wife is only allowed to enter the house on Wednesday and Friday mornings between 7am and 11 am, etc…
To be able to set the appropriate settings for these possibilities, TELETASK developed the CARDSOFT package to be used on any standard PC. The settings for access control items like chip cards, tags and proximity cards are easily done in CARDSOFT.


the part of PROSOFT Suite where access control is configured
The App to monitor the access control actions.
Proximity card
For this manual ‘proximity card’ can refer to a TELETASK card as well as to a TELETASK tag.
This refers to a person using (owning) the proximity card and/or tag
Access attempt
refers to an attempt to gain access on a reader with a proximity card or tag. An access attempt can either succeed (user has access) or fail (user has no access).
Access control
The set of rules that define where a user has access.

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