What is AUTOBUS terminator and how does it work

The line terminator is a simple resistor which is placed in parallel over the AUTOBUS data wires (blue and white) by plugging- in the terminator ‘jumper’ (small black part) which is supplied in every AUTOBUS connector set (plastic bag which is with every TDS product).

FAQ 05

So if you plug this jumper on the two open pins beside of the AUTOBUS connector, you put an internal resistor in parallel with the two wires.
When do you need to do this: only do this on the interface which is the first and last one on the AUTOBUS cable. If this is the central unit you don’t need to do so.

Example: If you have five touch panels connected from the central unit with the AUTOBUS cable running from one interface to the other one, you put the jumper on the last touch panel in the row (the one which is furthest away from the central unit).

Why: putting a resistor on the wires at the end of every AUTOBUS line, absorbs the reflection signals which occur at the end of a data line. If you don’t put the jumper, the system will work but at some time it may be unstable and is more sensitive to distortions from other cable and wireless signals in the air.

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